Why just one day?’ Asks Britannia Marie Gold in their new film on Women’s Day

  • Released a thought-provoking video a day after Women’s Day | Film conceptualized by The Script Box
  • View the film here:
  • 13th March 2023: Britannia Marie Gold, the third largest biscuit brand in India, has released a thought-provoking film a day after Women’s Day. The film titled ‘Let’s Keep it Going’ delivers a powerful message around the symbolic effort associated with celebrating women for just a day. These discussions should be ongoing, and we must be committed to practicing gender equality every single day.
    The film is conceptualized and created by Mumbai-based advertising agency The Script Room.
    The campaign film showcases an early morning conversation between two female employees in a corporate – an office help and a manager. It’s the day after Women’s Day, and the office is strewn with paper plates and napkins from the previous day’s celebrations. Pointing towards the ‘Happy Women’s Day’ banner, the office help asks the manager if it was someone’s birthday at work yesterday. She learns that it was an occasion to celebrate women and their contributions and achievements.
    While the office help is pleased to hear this, she innocently poses another question to the manager, ‘’Didi yeh khaali ek din ke liye hai? (Is this only for one day?)” This causes the manager to take a brief pause. She ponders over the seemingly simple but significant question and responds with a smile, ‘Shayad Nahin (Maybe not)’’.
    Mr. Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries Limited said, “International Women’s Day plays a major role in commemorating the success stories of women across the globe, and in creating awareness about gender prejudices that exist even today. Britannia Marie Gold, while joining the celebrations, wanted to do something different this year and break the convention of celebrating women just for a day. There shouldn’t be just one occasion to celebrate a woman’s contribution to her work, family, and society, but these thoughts should be re-iterated more often. This is one of the reasons behind releasing the ad film on 9th March as opposed to the conventional date of 8thMarch. As a brand that shares a meaningful relationship with India’s homemakers, Marie Gold and its initiatives including Marie Gold My Start-up contest are the perfect example of Britannia’s commitment towards women empowerment. The brand works and interacts with women regularly, and we want to nurture and maintain these good practices throughout the year. The recent film captures the message we want to deliver, and the film will make the viewer smile while also leaving them in introspection.”
    Talking on the creative spiel, Mr. Rajesh Ramaswamy, Founder, The Script Room said, “Women’s day is unlike other special days. It is a bit different, and has many layers to it. While on one end it is to celebrate the achievements of women, on the other it is also to focus on the issues that they face. It carries different emotions at different ends of the spectrum. Coming to think of it, the day will hold no meaning at all, if the essence of it is not carried forward through the year. It’s this simple observation that led to this idea – The Day After. The equation between the two employees portrayed in the film covers a cross section. And Britannia Marie Gold as a brand has always found meaningful ways of staying connected with this audience. Over the years, the logo has gathered a lot of meaning and fondness with women. We’re so glad that Amit and team took no time to endorse this idea, and supported it wholeheartedly.

About Britannia Industries
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