“When you successfully inspect the obstacles of your client’s business, you get business opportunities”- AbantiSen, CEO of BizzmanWeb

Preceding your business in a competitive marketplace to come from a traditional background is not a cakewalk to be enjoyed. It confronts various obstacles when it comes to surviving in the market. But if you have the passion to follow your dream you can get to the peak of mountain.AbantiSen, the CEO of BizzmanWeb, a leading IT solution company, considers this fact.
Though she belongs from a traditional background and not believing a structured life, she always wants to do something different in her life. When her friends have opted for higher studies, she concentrates on this platform dreaming big and her love for this segment lets her be successful in a typical timeframe.
After completing her schooling and graduation from Midnapore, Abanti earned a job opportunity in Kolkata and moved there. After two years, when she accomplished her diploma in Marketing Management, she built a huge interest in technology and information system.
AbantiSen started her journey through BizzmanWeb in 2017 and in between two years she expanded her business in Singapore in 2019. According to her, “When you successfully inspect the obstacles of your client’s business, you get business opportunities. I always try to find out the issues my clients are experiencing or may confront in the future. It helps me to perceive how my products and services can aid in mitigating those obstacles.” “My self-belief always has been a plus for me. I know my products and services are customer-centric and I always try to bring improvisation in my products or services according to the clients’ business contexts,” she added.
With a “not giving up” mentality and enthusiasm in her motive, she is continuously sketching her success graph. Recently, in 2020, her company BizzmanWeb has been nominated as one of the best digital technology consulting and services companies in Singapore. In that same year, the company has been accepted as one of the best IT agency companies in Singapore according to Designrush.
As per her comment, you should not get rimmed with any limitations. Your constant motivation for yourself can help you to achieve your desire. Follow your dream to get success.

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