“We are practising the safest social distancing and quarantined work force implementation towards a viable Real Estate industry resurrection”, says Laxman Jaiswal

Laxman Jaiswal

Anando Sangbad Live :“We have started operations in our sites by practising a unique method of safety standards and social distancing” says Laxman Jaiswal, Chairman & Managing Director of Ascon Infrastructure India Ltd.

Only those workers who are agreeable to stay within the site campus, completely sanitized and maintaining all Standard Operations Protocols and Government guidelines are allowed to work in the ongoing projects. We have provided intense training and safety drills for the workers for them to be sensitised about their role and responsibilities. This is also a voluntary exercise as only those workers who are willing to stay back and follow the safety norms are being asked to do so the rest have the option of returning back to their homes and can come back at a later time to rejoin as and when opportunities arise.

I strongly believe that it is an axis of the Law enforcement agencies-Business Institutions and Workers/employees to flatten the curve by following the mandated safety protocols.

Speaking about Union Minister Piyush Goel’s statement on real estate he expressed great dissatisfaction on his views. The Union Government must stimulate the real estate sector with lowering of interest rate on housing loans and greater cash flow among buyers. He debunked the Minister’s theory of reducing prices in the real estate sector as this would lead to huge losses for the sector already reeling under monetary crunch. The Union Government and State Governments have to reduce the Circle Rate which is very lopsided and the Government holdings in a real estate project has to reduce for any resuscitation of the industry otherwise it is going suffer another pandemic.

Laxman Jaiswal heads the Ascon Infrastructure India Ltd which is into Infra, Housing, Artificial Intelligence, Textiles, Marble and Granite industries spread over West Bengal, Karnataka and Dubai.

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