Wavelength, a science fiction short film

✍️By Special Correspondent

Science is nothing but a frigid naked truth, until a new research comes in its way to contest the previous narrative. Wavelength is a science fiction short film, first of its kind to be made in Kolkata, having an obsessive aspiring astrophysicist Abhimanyu as its protagonist trying proving the point that there are aliens living on other planets.

His grandfather, a celebrated scientist of his time and now an advanced patient of dementia, was working on the same field of extraterrestrial lives, but for some unknown reason he revoked himself from the very research and took an early retirement at the prime of his career.

The film toils between the bonds of these two scientists and Abhimanyu’s absolute absurd discovery.

In this Chasing Dreams Films’ production, produced by Antara Bose, Aritra Dutta Banik and Barun Chandra are playing the respective roles of Abhimanyu and his grandfather. Rudrajit Roy is directing, while Rahul Royé has written the screenplay, Manas Bhattacharyya shot the short and Soumya Rit taking care of its music. The film is right now into its post production and soon be out for us to eye.

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