Utkarshini Sanman 2021

Kolkata, 1st October, 2021: The 3rd edition of “Utkarshini Sanman”, an initiative by Cabinet Minister for the Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare of the Government of West Bengal Dr. Shashi Panja was announced in the presence of her daughter & social activist and of the organizers of Utkarshini Sanman, Ms. Pooja Panja at Sobhabajar Natmandir today.

The main aim of this initiative is to motivate and encourage the small and medium budget puja committees of the city who manage to spread a message to the society through their pandal.

“Utkarshini Sanman” is a small reward to appreciate their hard work towards the society even during the biggest festival of Bengali Durga Puja especially during COVID times.

There are 13 categories this year, Udhbhodni Chomok, Shera Chalochitro, Shera Maayer Shaaj, Shrijan Sil Priyo Bhabhna , Shera Protima , Viewers’ Choice, Shera Aboho Sangeet, Shera Paribesh Bandobh Pujo , Shera Alonkar, Sherar Shera, Nari Shakti , Hriday Sporsh Pujo , Prothom Cheshta (Shera Chomok), Portya Barton, Mandop Shoman, Puro Hit Purohit , Shera Mohila Poricharito Pujo, Dhonochi Naach, Haath Baraleye Bondhu ,Shera Alok Shaja, Shera Drishayan, Shishu Shilpi (Sankho Kaaser), Shera Protima Shilpi.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shashi Panja, initiator of “Utkarshini Sanman” said, “Durga Puja is the biggest festival for us. In my constituency alone there are plenty of Durga Pujas who have also extended their support to people after the cyclone “Yash” this year.

Speaking during the event Ms. Pooja Panja, said, “We have been organizing this event 3rd time in a row. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but, it’s that time of the year when we forget all the pain and sufferings and enjoy the arrival of Maa Durga.

Through “Utkarshini Sanman” we will be able to spread little joy to few Puja organizers to work better in the upcoming year as well.”

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