Unome – A Bengali feature film set to change the film mindset in the state

Anando Sangbad Live: UNOME, The Storyteller begins his journey. Set in both the pre and post covid pandemic situation, the story of the Bengali feature film, produced by Boxpack Entertainment, revolves around a person who has a mysterious past. Till now he has hidden his identity before people but can everything go always as planned?
A unique concept with an amazing combination of twists and sub plots, Unome, is going to hit the shooting floor and soon it will be Lights, Camera and Action on Unome.
Talking about the movie, Unome is the brain child of Film Maker Abhijit Dutta who is himself a Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur. With a great passion for writing and directing films, for Abhijit it’s like a dream come true when he said, “Creativity is like a magic which can make any person forget his or her sorrow. I was really uncertain what will happen to all of us during Covid but strong will power and dedication has made all of us make this a better world. I thought of this story a couple of years back but transformed the storyline greatly to make us forget all the worst things ever happened to us“. He is thankful to Animesh Dasgupta, the producer of Unome for supporting him wholeheartedly.
Animesh said “When I first heard the story from Abhijit, I just told him – I have to do this and here we are now. We are planning to start the film by this year end“. The cast of this film feature renowned Actors like Sreela Majumdar, Aishwaria Sen, Raju Majumdar, Ayanjit Sen, Saptarshi Paul and many others with a lead face still kept a mystery till now.
Mrs India Worldwide East (held at Greece) top ten finisher Aakanksha Manglani and model Tanusree Biswas will be the introductory faces in this film.
Speaking about his role in the film, actor Ayanjit Sen said, “It’s a terrific concept and will pave the way for a pivotal change in the cinema outlook in Bengali cinema. I must thank the producer, Animesh Dasgupta and the director, Abhijit Dutta for this. When the script was narrated to me, I was shaken. It is simply brilliant.”
Aakanksha very excitedly said “Never have I come across such a hard hitting meaningful storyline. I am really working hard to justify my character in the film Ana, who is a book publisher and in search of peace”.

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