Tutopia learning App to make online learning easy and affordable for West Bengal Board students

Mr. Anurag Chirimar, Mr. Gaurav Dugar, Mr.Subrata Roy, Directors,Tutopia Pvt Ltd and Mr. Prashant Chopra, Director PS Group at the launch of Tutopia learning App, an advanced new-age online learning App for the Bengali medium students.

Anando Sangbad Live: Tutopia learning App, an advanced new-age online learning App especially designed for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th standards of West Bengal Board, was formally launched at a function today attended by students, teachers and educationists from across West Bengal. The Tutopia learning App is one of the first online learning Apps for the Bengali medium students and has been affordably priced, which is less than the cost of hiring a teacher at present.

Tutopia learning App, which can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, has been developed by Mr.Subrata Roy along with partners Mr. Gaurav Dugar and Mr. Anurag Chirimar, to cater to the learning needs of the Bengali medium students of West Bengal Board. The course materials are crafted by educational experts to make learning easy, enjoyable & playful and sets a new pedagogical standard in Bengali online education. It guides the students step by step to rise above rote memory and get a solid grip on understanding the subjects.

“Through the Tutopia learning App, we are providing a new-age learning tool for the Bengali medium students. We have put in hundreds of man-hours to understand the students’ learning needs by mapping their goals, strengths, weaknesses and interests in order to get the best out of them. We are also developing curricular for the Higher Secondary Classes to be followed by ICSE and CBSE Board,” said Mr Subrata Roy, Director, Tutopia Pvt Ltd, who thought of creating this App during the Covid pandemic phase when he found that there was no proper e-learning course or tool for the Bengali students.

The Directors of Tutopia have on boarded qualified teachers from multi-disciplinary streams who are adept in developing course materials using high quality 3D-animation and graphical representations, infographics etc., to make studying exciting. The tutoring programs are structured in a modern user-friendly storytelling manner that helps the students to easily – ‘relate and remember’ – thus reducing the burden of cramming through rote.

“We look for tutors with a high emotional and intelligence quotient, excellent communication skills and high level of empathy, to build the curriculum for the App. The curriculum has been prepared according to the updated syllabus,” said Mr Gaurav Dugar, Director, Tutopia Pvt Ltd.

The Tutopia learning App courses have been named Ashtam Shreni, Nabam Shreni and Dasham Shreni. There is also the Madhyamik 2021 curriculum which is entirely free and can be subscribed through free registration using a referral code. The official website of the app is

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