Trailer and Music Launch of the movie ‘Kanta Tarer Bera’

✍️By Special Correspondent
An upcoming Bengali drama film Kanta Tarer Bera directed by Biplab Kayal and produced under the banner of 7Horses Production. Trailer and Music launched at Elahi Luxury Dining Restaurant. The most veteran actors have shared the screen Rajesh Sharma, Supriyo Dutta and Debraj Mukherjee alongside Ankush Mondal, Bidisha Paul, Deep Das, Avilash Chakraborty and Joy Banerjee are in a pivotal role. Music has been given by Arin Prosenjit Das.

A businessman from Bangladesh gives a visit to Kolkata with his 4 months old child and his wife, unfortunately their child goes missing in Kolkata they report to the nearest police station.

The businessman also announces an attractive price reward on finding their child. On the one hand the cops begin their investigation on the missing case , and the other hand few of them start making a conspiracy to grab the huge amount as reward over the investigation.

The cops randomly arrest the local goons and thieves and beat them up but they find no clue of the missing child. The businessman goes back home empty handed. Meanwhile a gang form the local slum finds out the child.

They decide to handover the child to the local cops and the moment they come to know about the conspiracy, they decide to keep the child with them. Meanwhile the cops are pressurized from the minister over the social media wave. Under immense pressure the cops collect the information of the missing child and decide to catch hold of them to get the amount from the businessman.

As the slum dogs knew about the conspiracy of the police they realise that the only way to survive is to return the child to the parents by going Bangladesh but they end up being arrested by the cops one by one. Two of them trespass the Indo-Bangladesh border and one of them gets caught by the army. To unfold the breath-taking climax audience has to watch the movie Kanta Tarer Bera in theatres.

Pictures:Biswajit Saha

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