Three countries come together for the Love Ballad, ‘Hoye Acchi Tor’

✍️By Special Correspondent

Jonai Singh and JSE Music launch their newest Bengali Original, ‘Hoye Achhi Tor’. The voice of this soulful song is that of singing sensation of Bangladesh, Mahtim Shakib. The music video features the much loved pair, Bengali actors, John Batyacharyya and Sanjana Banerjee.

Distance does not matter when it comes to making music. For the first time, three countries (India, Bangladesh and USA) come together for the musical project, “Hoye Achhi Tor”.

“Hoye Achhi Tor” is a story of love where joy and sorrow are woven fine. True love, realized or not, resides eternally in our hearts. The popular duo, John and Sanjana seamlessly weave the on-screen romance.

Feeling positive about the song, creative director & producer of “Hoye Achhi Tor”, Jonai Singh who is based in New York says, “When composer, Riyadh Anik reached us from Bangladesh and shared the song, it was an instant go from our side.This is our first collaboration with Bangladesh and I am sure that this won’t be the last. We are super excited about the song.”

In the words of the young and talented singer, Mahtim Shakib: “We experimented a few different things in the song. The song has a unique flavour; a flavour which I have been very attracted to. I hope the listeners will embrace it.”

“I thank Jonai Singh for welcoming this song under the JSE Music banner. I am very hopeful that ‘romantic hearts’ of both Bengals will love this song,” chimes the Bangladeshi lyricist and composer, Riyadh Anik.

JSE music was formed with the mission of upholding independent music and nurturing the next generation of artists. “Our goal is to help realize dreams musically. We welcome good content and call on young creative minds to reach us and share their ideas,” says Jonai Singh

Sung by Mahatim Shakib, Lyrics and Composition by Riyadh Anik and starring John Bhattacharya and Sanjana Banerjee, the song released today at JSE Music’s YouTube channel.

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