The Third edition of Ms. Blooming Kolkata – a fashion cum beauty pageant

Kolkata, 8th September, 2021 : Acropolis Mall, India’s one of the premium malls, has announces the inauguration of “Ya Devi,2021” Ms. Blooming Kolkata 3.0 in association with Sananda, as the exclusive magazine partner, Unish Kuri as the exclusive social media partner and Shoppers Stop . This is the third edition of the fashion cum beauty pageant Ms.

Blooming Kolkata . The first Acropolis “Ya Devi 2019”Ms. Blooming Kolkata was launched with an objective of providing a platform to the womenfolk to showcase their talent in make over and other aspects of life.

“Ya Devi 2021” is an initiative undertaken by Acropolis Mall , aims at providing a platform to womenfolk to showcase their talent in makeover and other aspects of life with aplomb. Its objective is to promote the talent of belles of Kolkata. It is aligned energetically with debi pakkho and this time is to manifest women’s inherent strength with her full potential. We at Acropolis will recognize this inherent strength of women who has been managing their families, household chores, family, children and office work simultaneously beating this unprecedented pandemic.

The event is conceptualized to recognize the indomitable spirit of women who strike perfect balance among household chores , looking after their families and their workplace with elan during this pandemic. A woman personifies strength , power, peace and patience. This year, the pageant will select deserving candidates who successfully are handling the pandemic while protecting their families children and managing their workplace with aplomb.

“Ya Devi 2021” is a digital contest. The registration started on 1st September and will continue till 11th September. All the participants have to do is to register on the link –

Any women aged Above 18 years, can participate . There is no bar on any statistics. Only the participant should be the resident of Kolkata or near by location. Participant should be resident of Kolkata or nearby (As Grand Finale will be held at Acropolis Mall) This year the whole event starting from registration till judgment will be organized digitally. The registration will follow grooming sessions on digital platform by the panel of judges and renowned models. There will be a photogenic round whose winners to be selected by Sananda. The contestants will have to upload their catwalk digitally which will be judged by the judges. The crowning will take place at Acropolis Mall on 25th September. Some renowned social media groups have associated with the event with strong enthusiasm.

Amid lot of cheer and enthusiasm, Mr. K Vijayan, GM , Acropolis Mall has inaugurated “Ya Devi 2021” by lighting dia at Acropolis on 4th September along with the associated admins of social media groups and the invited pageant winners gracing the judges panel. Anwesa Chakraborty- Miss Plus Size India 2019, judge of “Ya Devi 2021”. and judge of Ya Devi, 2021 , Soumi Dutta, Mrs India Universe (Kolkata)2019 and Judge of Ya Devi 2021, Shalini Mukherjee Tanwani, winner of Ya Devi 2020:Ms. Blooming Kolkata 2.0 , Sinjini Biswas, administrator of the social media group “ Glamorous Without Guilt”, Doyita Mukherjee , the creator and admin of Belle Tales , Sohini Chatterjee , administrator of MSB..or “Makeup, Style and Beauty! A Lifestyle Choice!!!”, Gargi Singh , social media influencer and creator of Club House ,a social media group, Ushna Majumder, founder of MFL have been present at the launch of Ya Devi, 2021.

The crowning session for the winner with the selected finalists will be held on 25th of September 2021, on the Birth Anniversary of Acropolis at Acropolis Mall and will be judged by celebrity judges.

Commenting on the initiative Shri Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group, developer of Acropolis Mall, Princeton Club, Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa and state of the art residential resort said, “We are delighted to have been able to beat the covid blue together and the economic downturn. We are happy to have witnessed increasing footfall of enthusiastic shoppers who are on their shopping spree as Durga puja is just one month away. We take care of personal safety and hygiene measures in a stringent manner at Acropolis. I feel that Ya Devi 2021 , is a goodwill gesture of Acropolis to nurture and recognize the true essence of our daughters and sisters who embody Goddess Durga in right spirit. I wish all the success to participants.”

Acropolis Mall, India’s premium mall and winner of CNBC Real Estate Award in Eastern Region,2019, is located at a vantage point of Rash Behari Connector which connects E M Byepass with bustling south Kolkata. People from various areas like Ballygunge, Gariahat Rashbehari Avenue, Kasba, E M Byepass , Picnic Garden, Alipore, Park Circus, Santoshpur, Garia frequent Acropolis to enrich their shopping experience and gorge on delectable delicacies.The premium mall houses leading brands who offer wide range of merchandise starting from apparels , footwear, cosmetics to personal care, luggage salons, fine dining restaurants , entertainment zone and exciting products.

“Acropolis Mall is back with its annual pageant which has gone much beyond the beauty standards laid down by our patriarchal society. It’s more about personality and brain. I feel proud that I took part in such a pageant and the crown has enhanced my self belief. It is important to believe in ourselves and wear a crown of confidence and live life with ethics, responsibility and empathy.” says Winner of Ya Devi 2020- Ms. Blooming Kolkata 2.0, Shalini Mukherjee Tanwani.

Soumi Dutta, Mrs India Universe (Kolkata)2019, said, “Ya Devi 2021” – Ms Blooming Kolkata 3.0 is the most authentic , systematic virtual talent showcase platform nowadays . This has the most versatile ways to promote new talents and it has a great influence on Woman Empowerment. I am excited to be in the judges panel this year.

Sinjini Biswas, an advertising professional and a Makeup artist by passion. , said , “Glamorous Without Guilt (GwG) was created by me in the year 2016 with an aim to unite people all across the globe to support each other in terms of makeup, beauty, lifestyle and a lot more. From supporting small-scale businesses by providing them with a ready-base of customers, to encouraging the members to showcase their makeup skills and talents, GwG is more of a close-knit community.

GwG was a part of Ms. Blooming Kolkata 2019 & 20. and is happy to be associated this year, yet again. I believe Ya Devi 2021 will be a great opportunity for empowering women in these trying times. I’d sincerely like to thank Acropolis Mall for taking this initiative to help women come out to bigger platforms and express themselves. Someone rightly said, “glamour is a state of mind”.

Doyita Mukherjee , the creator and admin of Belle Tales , said , “ Belle Tales is a women’s group with a strength of more than 46K currently. Belle Tales is about to live a better life all together and to help other to live a better life . We are honored to be a partner in Ya Devi organised by Acropolis Mall. The best thing about “Ya Devi 2021” . Ms. Blooming Kolkata 3.0 is all about whether you are Miss or Mrs.. 0 size or plus Size. Doesn’t matter.. So our group members are super excited to participate in this contest and to explore themselves more.”

Sohini Chatterjee, the creator of MSB! , said , “I had created the group MSB..or “Makeup, Style and Beauty! A Lifestyle Choice!!!” around 4 years back, in January 2017.

Being a Molecular Biologist by profession and workingin this field for almost a decade, my passion has always been Makeup and to look good in front of the mirror and for ownself. This was the prime reason that drove me to create this group MSB.

We are a group full of positivity and our entire Admin panel comprising of a team of extremely hardworking super women, ranging from Molecular Biologist, Advocate, Makeup artist, Teacher, Youtuber, IT professional to Fashion Designer, look up to bringing in encouragement, motivation and support within each of our fellow members. We believe in our members and our members are the backbone of our group – we call it ‘family’!”

Gargi Singh,Creator n Admin of Club House Community, said , “This is a Unisex Community where people can share funny posts,after a lot of work pressure these posts make them feel relax,promote their business, everyone knows we’re always gonna arrange lots of meet up parties n side by side we’re doing social work too we’re raising fund for needy people n natural disasters..many international brands collaborate with us for promotion..”

Ushna Majumder, founder of MFL , said ,”MFL focuses on promoting small scale women entrepreneurs alongwith serving the poor.MAKEUP FASHION LIFESTYLE”, a Facebook borne women only group that focuses on creating a better lifestyle for women entrepreneurs all around the nation & we try raising funds to serve the street children & slums.”

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