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Dr. TK Ghosh, Director, Ghosh ENT Foundation, Salt Lake

Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh, Director, Ghosh ENT Foundation, Salt Lake is a name that generates respect, love and faith. His top priority are his patients irrespective of their financial status. Patients from far and wide come to his clinic cum nursing home for treatment and return happy. Having known him for several years, I can vouch for his dedication and integrity.

Just last week a little boy named Sahil Shaw aged 5 was in great distress after playfully inserting a thermal ball in his ear. His helpless father ran from pillar to post seeking relief for his little boy but in vain. Doctors advised him to take admission in their respective nursing homes along with the mother during these alarming Covid times. They gave a rough estimate of around 30 to 35 thousand for anesthesia and operation.

Sahil Shaw

By God’s grace I chanced to learn about his distress and immediately directed him to Dr. TK Ghosh. As expected, the ball was out in a few minutes sans anesthesia/operation/ admission or any drama at a very negligible and nominal cost, which is even less than what any doctor of his repute charge as fees for a five minute check up.

Written By Padmini Dutta Sharma(Author) 

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