The inspiring story of a wife, partner and entrepreneur

Keeping up with the trend of portraying the lives of strong and powerful women on screen, Star Jalsha presents Bhagyalakshmi, the inspiring tale of Bhagya – her journey from a newly married housewife to becoming an entrepreneur.

Bhagya takes up the responsibility of resurrecting her family’s fortune. Not qualified in the traditional sense with degrees in business management, but exceptional in maths, she sets out to re-establish her husband’s family business that faces extensive loss.Despite many adversities and challenges, she remains steadfast in her resolution. Bhagya’s firm nature is synonymous with that of women in Bengal who bring about change through their hard work, determination and intelligence. With her presence of mind, unwavering determination and integrity, Bhagya is all set to become the next iconic character in Star Jalsha.Produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions, the show stars the effervescent SharlyModak as Bhagyashree, Rahul Majumdar as her husband Bodhayon Sarkar. Farhan Imroze and Prarabdhi essay the role of Rupayan and Shubhayan, the younger siblings of Bodhayon. Rahul was last seen on Star Jalsha as Brojeshwar Rai in Debi Choudhurani, while Prarabdhi played Iraboti’s son on Irabotir Chupkotha. Farhan has been associated with multiple Star Jalsha projects such as Thakumar Jhuli, Kiranmala, Kanamachi and Care Kori Na.Although it is Sharly’s first association with the channel, she stated that her co-stars and crew make her feel at home. She is also eagerly looking forward to the launch of the show and her journey as the determined and devoted Bhagyashree.Speaking on the occasion of the launch, the channel spokesperson said, “Bhagyalakshmi represents the story of many brave hearts who symbolize the concept of true partnership after marriage. Their contribution is not confined to the four walls of their household and go beyond their familial duties to emerge as true leaders who are responsible for both their homes and careers. We strongly believe that Bhagya will soon become one of Bengal’s most-loved characters.”Bhagyalakshmi will make its way into the hearts of the viewers on 31st of August, 9:00 pm Mon- Sun, only on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.

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