The Great Reset

Anando Sangbad Live:The project – The Great Reset – is a video about how the natural environment has benefitted during the Covid19 period. Already we have done immense damage to our nature. Now the nature wants to reset everything. This the time to beg for our life from Mother Nature. We will again start obeying the rules of nature. We again want to start a new safe world – that’s the core message of this video.
Produced by La Pelicula Motion Pictures, this video has poetic inputs from leading actors Subrat Dutta and Hintanshu Jinsi, film director Shomu Mitra and singer Keshav Kumar from Mumbai, film director Arindam Bhattacharya from Gurgaon, singer Sayani Palit, actors Sohini Guha Roy, Chaitali Dutta and Joey Debroy from Kolkata among others.
The poem has been written by Adrij Choudhury, who has also directed this poem-song video.

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