The Grand opening of Perfectly Pampered

✍️By Special Correspondent

Today grand opening ceremony of Perfectly Pampered Homes
was happened at 62,Shri Aurobindo Sarani Road, Kolkata in presence of boutique owner Rashmi Saraf.

Ms. Rashmi Saraf,owner of Perfectly Pampered told,
“We believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take and our personalities. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. These days finding an affordable sofa is easy, but great design can be hard to find. In a world where stores are dominated by reproductions of the same furniture in varying degrees of quality, finding unique pieces to fit our decorating budget can be a challenge.
Perfectly Pampered offers tailor-made design solutions which redefine your space and add the contemporary edge to your homes.”

What Does Perfectly Pamper Offer?
She said,”We all want our homes to look great, and feel personal to us. And home decor is often used to describe the furnishings we use to decorate our homes.
Perfectly Pampered items like cushions, Bedspreads, throws, decorative crafts, aroma candles, table runners and more. They design & curate these pieces to describe the small touches that make a room feel special, rather than spending on big ticket items.”


“Home decor items can greatly impact anyroom. Why? Simply because no matter how intricately designed a room is, a space without accessories becomes cold and lifeless,”
“Soft decor not only fills in the gaps, but they also reflect your personality. They help your space come to life by bringing in personality and visual appeal – they achieve this by adding texture, pattern and form. They are the final touch to your design plan.”

Perfectly Pampered
A Kolkata-based soft decor brand which is known for expressive designs & quality fabric. Whether it’s adults or teens & kids, couples or singletons, or you want customized soft decor for an occasion, we’ve got you all covered!

Bedspreads- Bedsheet sets in cotton, linen for an everyday yet elevated look day-in & day-out.
Daybed covers sets, can be used both as bedsheet & bedcover, teamed up with pillows & cushions for a cozy & inviting look.
Bed covers sets in a variety of fabrics & designs for a dressier look, which can be perfect for a housewarming soiree, festivity, or just another house party.
Quilt sets giving the maharaja feels for your room.
A special range of quilts that can also be doubled up as comforters.
Highlight pieces for a statement look, or simpler ones for that vibe, we have a wide range to suit your different moods.

Runner sets to add that pop of color • Aroma candles • Table runner sets
Exclusive packages for-

Exquisite bridal trousseau
Extravagant house warming look Ecstatic festive home decor
Expressive (yet comfy) regular home linen
Exotic table runners & cushions to vibe- in
Exclusive Aroma candles & gift platters

Perfectly Pampered also-
Get an expert team to style your space Dress your home for that party
Express love to your cuties through custom bedspread & cushions for your dear ones
Pamper them all with a hamper!
Shipping happiness & warmth, Pan-India!

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