The first socio-political APP of India to come soon; will help the common people

✍️By Special Correspondent

The internet population has made a steady growth in India over the last two years because of the pandemic. The non-physical environment is the larger playing field today.
Sanyog App will be the first of its kind in the country which will empower the citizens and bridge the gap with the elected representatives. The citizens will turn real influencers. The gaps in the other social media platforms are plugged head-on in this App, which will be the real surprise element for the world to see.

It will be a 365-day, 24X7 socio-political App for all constituencies in the country. It will be available on Android, IOS and web platforms.

Loaded with easy-to-connect features, it will be the world’s first encrypted interactive platform for social connect and political branding.

It will also be the world’s first one-to-one interactive virtual political lounge which will personalise the concept of politics.

“Current talks are on with a few countries and they have shown immense interest in the features and super-advanced technology used in this App. But our priority will be to start this in our own country first,” said the lead thinktank behind the app, Dr Ayanjit Sen, a global digital strategist and a senior journalist.

In India, this App will be available in all Indian languages apart from Hindi and English.

The prime focus is scalability but we are sure that it will immensely help the citizens to constructively raise their voices and reach out to the politicians representing their constituencies.

Mobile democracy – that’s the term – one can associate with this app. Its not just for a political junkie but will generate interest among the normal public for their own well-being. Qualitative and quantitative market research has depicted a high demand for the same.

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