The Dram Club in association with the Consulate General hosted its first ever Whisky Tasting in the city of joy-Kolkata

Kolkata, December 10, 2022: Kolkata, known as the city of joy, has rightfully earned the name because of its unwavering enthusiasm for culture, literature, history, tradition, food and much more. Every nook and corner of the city brims with mesmerizing stories, and it only makes sense to host a Whisky tasting; a spirit that also has rich history, tradition, and culture attached to it, in city that would truly appreciate it. While there are several festivals, masterclasses, and intimate gatherings to bring together Wine, Whisky, and Gin enthusiasts, when you hear ‘The Dram Club’ hosting a whisky tasting you drop everything to soak in the magic it has to offer. 

The Dram Club is a platform that brings whisky enthusiasts together to create a community to understand and appreciate this spirit and they are expanding their horizons by hosting a Whisky tasting in Kolkata at the Consulate General House to not only get people to appreciate this widely popular spirit but also raise awareness among them about other American spirits that are already registered and selling in India. The club currently has 5,200 members and has hosted tastings in several cities in the country to help attendees appreciate Whiskies and similar fine spirits by encouraging them to look beyond the label on the bottles.

The tasting at Kolkata which is in association with the Consulate General House is going to educate buyers and stakeholders on new to markets products i.e.  those that are not yet registered in India, or may be in the process of registration, as well as educate consumers on American spirits that are already registered and selling in India. 

The founders of The Dram club who have travelled extensively around Scotland to truly understand and study the history, craftsmanship, and culture of Whisky have organized several masterclasses, and tastings to bring whisky enthusiasts together. “We have hosted several tastings, and masterclasses and we realized there a lot of myths and cliches around Whisky. What we aim to achieve through these tastings is to walk attendees through the expressions, the tasting notes, the nose, the flavours, and the heritage of this spirit and helped them look beyond the usual select few labels. The general perception is also that this is a spirit that only a few can truly understand and therefore better to simply steer clear off it. At our tastings we encourage people to keep an open mind, and no question goes unanswered”, says Vinayak Singh.

The Dram Club is growing by leaps and bounds by hosting Whisky tastings in new locations, introducing audiences to various styles and expressions of Whisky and other fine spirits have to offer, and building a community one city at a time. They are surely expanding their horizons, and it would be a crime to miss out on the phenomenal tasting that will be hosted in the city of joy-Kolkata. 

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