The book “They Crossed the Border” launched

✍️By Special Correspondent

The book “They Crossed the Border” has been launched on 13 December’22 at MP Birla Planetarium, Kolkata by its authors – Gautam Gan and Sreyashi Gan. The story starts against a historical background while it ends on a philosophical platform. The authors narrate the tale of an old Zamindar family from East Pakistan where the members of the group had to migrate lock, stock and barrel to Kolkata, fighting against adversities to re-establish themselves on a new soil. Eventually they spread their wings across the globe and during this period they came in touch with an array of other characters professionally and by virtue of marital relationship.
The pith or medulla of the story transports us to a different realm where we find all such characters develop psychologically showing a migration in their behavioral pattern, from one mindset to another. The story thus talks of two types of Migrations – physical and psychological journey, with a series episodes narrating colorful real life stories that paint the pathway of the readers.

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