The award-winning author and social icon Sabarna Roy presents ‘FemIndia 2022’

Kolkata, 24 April 2022:‘FemIndia 2022- A Festival Celebrating Womanhood’ presented by Award-winning Author and Social Icon, Sabarna Roy, Curated and Designed by Author and Poet, Antara Banerjee and organized by AHAVA Communications was held on Sunday at ICCR, Kolkata in the presence of Veteran Actor, Biplab Dasgupta, Author and Poet, Antara Banerjee and Fashion Designer Rajlakshmi Syam to name a few.

FemIndia 2022 is a platform to bring out relevant and powerful people who are working on subjects related to women from different perspectives to a common platform, for the celebration of womanhood and its leading voices. A prestigious event, to bring Kolkata’s beloved intellectuals, artists, litterateurs, and social workers, to perform/speak/deliberate on this very pertinent subject and add to the worldwide discourse on women empowerment and gender parity. A very engaging session of four magnificently curated literary offerings in four different flavours, FemIndia 2022, wishes to carve a niche in the space of gender visualization and thought.

FemIndia 2022 is a Festival for Celebrating Womanhood with a fresh perspective, bringing new points of view on the evolution of the modern woman, their contributions, their aspirations, and most importantly how they are changing the social landscape. FemIndia 2022 wishes to own the space of gender parity, synergy, and cooperation between the genders.

Fashion Designer, Rajlakshmi Syam, a successful entrepreneur, single mother, and cancer survivor shall open the event with an elegant piano recital.

An engaging conversation between Award-winning Author and Social Icon, Sabarna Roy and Author and Poet, Antara Banerjee, discussing the changing equations in the institution of marriage as an outcome of empowerment and independence of women in the context of his books will follow.

‘Shakti Roopena Sansthita’- Dramatized Conversations from two powerful women-centric literary works of Tagore and Ibsen was thereafter presented by celebrated veteran actor, Biplab Dasgupta.

The event has concluded with a debate on ‘Feminists are always right’, which will be moderated by Oindrilla Dutt and participated by erudite and seasoned debtors like Ashok Vishwanathan, Prof. Dr. Suman Kumar Mukherjee, Ramanjit Kaur, Rupa Chakravarti, Nandini Bhattacharjee, and Ruma Chakraborty.

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