Techno India Collaboration with Robinhood Academy for Supporting Street Children in Kolkata

✍️By Special Correspondent
On the 7th January, 2019, the Techno India Group embarked upon a brilliant initiative, providing its strong support and infrastructure to the Robinhood Academy in its efforts to empower children from the socially and economically challenged sections of the society.

The Robinhood Academy, which works on an all-India basis to develop street children’s inclination towards learning, has been aiming to begin its Kolkata chapter for a long time. Joining hands with the Techno India University – one of the largest educational institutions of Bengal that has been operational for decades now in empowering and producing successful professionals, academics and innovators who are working and leading prime positions in some of the biggest organisations all over the world – the Robinhood Academy launched its first Kolkata project in Karunamoyee.

A large number of willing students from the Techno India University have warmly and openly volunteered to teach and strengthen street children in the basic subjects like Mathematics, English and Arts. The Academy, which seeks to empower 8000 underprivileged children by providing them primary education in order to prepare them for school admissions, has been deeply benefited with this association with enthusiastic students of Techno India University taking up responsibility with strong commitment and efficiency.

Executive Director and Chief Innovation Officer of the Techno India Group, Meghdut Roychowdhury says, “This is not our first collaboration with the Robinhood Academy. Till the recent past, we have supported the Robinhood Army, the relief wing of the organization, in the Sunderbans for the distribution of food and other relief items. The Techno India Group is very happy to have finally struck up a long-term association with the Robinhood Academy where our students are getting the opportunity to serve the underprivileged children over weekends by imparting the gift of education. Only education can help solve some of the biggest problems plaguing society today and take our nation forward in days to come.”

Even with the pandemic in 2020, the students of Techno India have remained undeterred in their spirit of imparting education and have taken a determined plunge at every available opportunity to continue this noble mission despite all obstacles. They have also adhered strongly to the academy’s values by being patient facilitators, teaching and helping the children lovingly and making every moment of this experience an interesting one by adding elements of fun and friendship with their friendly behaviour.

So far, with regular weekend classes, excursions and standardised curriculum, the Techno India students under the aegis of the Robinhood Academy, have expanded their territories from Karunamoyee, Salt Lake to Hastings in Central Kolkata, BBD Bagh in Howrah and Garia in south Kolkata.

The Robinhood Academy began in 2016 July with the objective of bridging the gap between street children and school. With concerted efforts, the academy has been able to secure admissions for 1800 street children in 102+ cities in India, supporting them with basic knowledge of the primary subjects, training them through excursions and also creating equal opportunities for them defying social barriers, class and religion and put them on a track where they are empowered to create a better life for themselves.

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