Surinder Films Presents the Romantic Song “Ghalib” from the Action-Packed Drama “Mirza” Starring Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen

Surinder Films, is thrilled to announce the release of the romantic song “Ghalib” from highly anticipated action-packed thriller “Mirza.” Anchored by Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen, the film promises a thrilling narrative filled with adrenaline-fueled action and unexpected twists.

“Ghalib” captures the essence of love and romance, adding a new dimension to Mirza’s character and his journey through a world of danger and intrigue. Composed and sung by Ishan Mitra, the song promises to be a musical delight that resonates with audiences.

Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen’s on-screen chemistry adds to the magic of “Ghalib,” promising audiences an immersive experience that combines captivating visuals with soul-stirring music.

Ankush Hazra, the lead actor in “Mirza,” expresses his excitement, stating, “The song ‘Ghalib’ is very real. The location is very real, we shot it in Mandarmani. The chemistry, the emotion, it’s not just like any other song. A song that blends audio and visual perfectly. The song is composed and sung beautifully by Ishan. Our choreographer Rahul has shot the song in a wonderful way, the blend of this audio and video is very pleasing, people will never feel that they have just heard a movie song, they will get lost in it.”

“The song “Ghalib” has a hook line, ‘Ghalib bole ei Mirza ke loke,’ which we found very catchy, interesting, and unique. Despite our years in the industry, “Mirza” portrays us as relatable, everyday characters, a departure from glamorous roles. I play a fishmonger, adding a realistic touch. Filming at locations like the fish market and the dam of dried fish adds to the authenticity. Our chemistry has grown in this film, bringing us closer to the audience. I hope for a positive response.” stated by the lead actress Oindrila Sen

Experience the romantic song “Ghalib” and immerse yourself in the world of Mirza’s thrilling adventures. Join us in celebrating the magic of cinema and music.

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