Suranjan Day’s short film ‘Unlucky Shirt’ is going to be screening in International Festival

✍️By Special Correspondent

Suranjan Dey’s short film ‘Unlucky Shirt’ is going to be screening at the International Film Festival of UK. The film festival titled ‘LIFT-OFF GLOBAL NETWORK SESSION 2021’ will be held for the first time through ‘Vimeo On Demand’ online. The film festival will run online from August 16 to August 30, 2021. The final round of the festival will then have live screenings at Pinewood Studios in the UK and then at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Director Suranjan Dey said that the economic downturn and depression that has been created all over the world due to pandemic will be reflected in his film ‘Unlucky Shirt’. It’s basically a love story.

In the lockdown, two lovers used to talk on the telephone. Argument, debate and love were all there. In the unlocked episode, the lover wanted to meet the boyfriend urgently. The boyfriend was wearing that shirt during the meeting. And the climax of the film with this ‘unlucky’ shirt. The director said that there is a great surprise at the end of the film.

The story of the film is written by Pradeep Acharya. Suparna Kumar and Riddhiban Bandyopadhyay have played the lead roles. Other characters portrayed Dr. Bhanu Bhushan Khatua, Tuhin Shankar Pal, Nilimesh Ghosh Dastidar, Kanko Ghosh Dastidar, Ashish Ghosh and director Suranjan Dey himself. The film was shot in front of Victoria of ​​Kolkata and at IIT Khargpur.

The film was shot and edited by Sapling Chakraborty.Background music scored by Shubhabrato Bishwas. A Rabindra Sangeet has been used in the film. The song is sung by Suparna Kumar.

An earlier film by Suranjan, ‘Bhalobasar Chupkatha’, has been screened and acclaimed at several other film festivals besides the Kolkata International Film Festival. He also finished shooting another film titled ‘Be Careful’ a few days ago.

The director also said that he will start shooting a short film titled ‘Phand’ in next month. This film is going to be made based on Biplab Majumdar’s story ‘Andhakarer aboyob’. Indrani Mukhepadhyay, Syan Ghatak Mukhepadhyay in screenplays and dialogues. Suranjan also said that he is planning to start shooting for two more short films soon.

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