Griffins International School Students had a wonderful day on the very first day

Student’s experience

Pratichi Ghosh, XI-B – Science, Griffins International School, Kharagpur Said “Today, when we entered the school after a long gap due to COVID. It was exciting. While entering the school our teachers greeted us with with a smile and handmade ‘WELCOME’ cards, it was so heart touching. Finally, I met my teachers and friends in-person and interacted with them, had a great time together.

We played several games and participated in fun activities arranged by our teachers with strict COVID safety protocol like wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and extensive sanitization. The most exciting and unbelievable part was that for three days there will be no studies. The teachers will be conducting fun activities and games for us. I really enjoyed my fullest on the very first day.”

Comments of Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, Principal, Griffins International School, Kharagpur “We felt fabulous to have the students back on campus today. Grades X and XII were given admit cards for Term – I Board Examination.

They were given practice on the new format of OMR sheet so that they get well accustomed to the same before they appear for the examination. Grades IX and XI, enjoyed the day with their peers and teachers doing activities and having interactive sessions without books and notebooks.

However, doing everything keeping in mind the Covid protocols was our top priority. By the look of and a broad smile on their faces it was very clear that students had a wonderful day after a long time.”

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