Students Discover the Secrets of the Universe at Orchids The International School’s ‘Go Cosmo’ Astronomy Fair in Kolkata!

Orchids The International School, a premier K12 educational chain, today launched a student-driven Astronomy fair, ‘Go Cosmo – Your Ticket to Space’, in Kolkata. This pan-Indian initiative by the school, is a three-day event starting from June 7th to 9th that will be held at the Orchids The International School Madhyamgram Campus in the city. The Astronomy fair promises to captivate and inspire space-science enthusiasts of all ages with a spectacular blend of interactive activities, educational experiences, and learning.

‘Go Cosmo’ comes to Kolkata after its resounding success in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad, with close to 20,000 students participating in the events at these campuses to demonstrate their deep interest in astronomy.

Dr. Ajit Singh, VP Academics-Astronomy at Orchids The International School, stressing on the exposure for such Space Exploration Fair like Go Cosmo saying, “Space exploration captures the human spirit of adventure and discovery. The Indian space industry is on a remarkable trajectory, expected to reach USD 33 billion in the next decade. By integrating space education into our curriculum, we not only inspire curiosity but also equip our students with the skills needed to thrive in this growing sector. We aim to bring that sense of wonder to our students and the community through initiatives like Go Cosmo. Seeing so many students participate in Go Cosmo at Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad fills us with immense pride to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity of young minds as they engage with the wonders of space science. This Astronomy fair is not just an event; it’s a launchpad for dreams and innovations that will shape the future, preparing young minds to contribute meaningfully to India’s burgeoning space endeavors.”

Underlining the need for initiating students to space science, Ms. Kavita Chatterjee, Senior VP, Academics, Orchids The International School, Kolkata said, “Go Cosmo is the evidence of our dedication to helping students of all ages develop a strong appreciation for science and technology. Through interactive activities and hands-on experiences, our goal is to spark participants’ interest in physics, astronomy, and cosmology. Our mission is to not only inform but also excite the next generation of scientists by giving them the tools and inquisitiveness they need to deal with the problems facing the globe in the future.”

Sharmilee Bandyopadhyay, Principal-Madhyamgram Campus, Orchids The International School said, “We spark kids’ passion for space science from a young age by providing astronomy sessions for 5 and 6-year-olds. Children get immersive planetarium experiences and hands-on activities in our space labs to learn while playing. Once they move into upper elementary, starting around 5th grade, the real-life exposure kicks in with Space Camps that let them explore astronomy in a whole new way. We also have the awesome Astroverse Club on Discord pumping out entertaining videos and discussions regularly. But it’s not just the kids – we offer hands-on learning opportunities year-round through competitions and Olympiads, and both of which we host ourselves. This huge Astronomy Fair called Go Cosmo really drives home our commitment to sparking curiosity and wonder about the universe in young minds. We want them developing a deep appreciation for how relevant astronomy is to their daily lives from an early age.”

Harsh Gupta, VP Academics-Student Welfare, Orchids The International School said, “Go Cosmo offers a hands-on experience that piques curiosity and awakens love for astronomy, transcending the limits of traditional learning. We think that by involving young minds in enjoyable and instructive activities, we might motivate the upcoming wave of scientists to explore and innovate. This enthusiasm for science would undoubtedly aid India in establishing itself as a leader in the international space industry.”

Arjun Das, student of Grade 10 from Orchids The International School, Madhyamgram said, “Astronomy is the language of the universe and Go Cosmo is the pathway to understand the stellar language. Go Cosmo will empower us to understand every minute detail and help us to unfold the mystery of the universe.”

Participants of “Go Cosmo” can involve themselves in a range of activities that are intended to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a more profound comprehension of space- related subjects. Activities such as Comet Crafting, Alien Encounter, Planetary Ponder, Gravitational Gym, Cosmic Collider, Virtual Voyager, Stellar Spectacle, Star Seeker, and Spinning Spaceship Workshop will be on display at the event. Every age group and interest was catered to in these activities.

The Astronomy Fair, Go Cosmo in Kolkata will take place at Orchids The International School’s Madhyamgram Campus from June 07 to June 09 from 4 PM to 10 PM. Registration for the event and additional information can be found at

About Orchids The International School:
Orchids The International School is one of the leading international K12 school chains in India that started its journey in 2002. Redefining education for upcoming generations with smart classes, remodeled educational philosophy, top-notch infrastructure, and a technology- integrated curriculum, Orchids is one-of-a-kind institute where innovation and excellence work side by side. It follows the CBSE and ICSE curricula infused with international teaching methodologies to provide a strong emphasis on personality development along with academic excellence. Currently, it has over 75,000 students and 7000 plus teaching and non-teaching staff, and boarding schools. Orchids’ core anthem is “Shaping minds, Touching lives.”

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