STARS OF TOMORROW’- online talent hunt contest

Santoor Maestro Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya has initiated a virtual talent hunt program, ‘STARS OF TOMORROW’ on the virtual platform for budding talents from all spheres of dance and music including for the first time, talent hunt for instrumentalists. He says, “We are offering the opportunity to become the next rising talent from the field of music and dance and opening up avenues in furthering their musical and dance careers.

The pandemic has made life not only difficult for everyone but those in performing arts it has come to a virtual halt so I thought why not open up opportunities for earning through virtual platform for young talents and ‘STARS OF TOMORROW’ shall surely unearth great talent which is spread across the country. I hope contestants from across the world join in to showcase and also compete. I am indeed grateful to legends of music industry Ghazal Samrat Anup Jalota, Mohan Veena creator VishwaMohan Bhatt, Tabla virtuoso Anindo Chatterjee and danseuse and social activist Alokananda Ray shall join me unearthing the stars of future.”

He further added, “This is just not about competing but also finding your true calling. The pandemic has given us a silver lining too despite the gloom of death all around us, and that silver lining, we have evolved and also learnt to discover hidden talent and ability within us and this shall be exactly the right platform to showcase one’s inner talent.”

“‘STARS OF TOMORROW’ has also a humanitarian cause as we shall raise funds for thalassaemia victims; we have partnership leading voluntary organization for the cause. I have always believed that artists should not only be performers but also good Samaritans as we spread positivity and when we adopt causes we share our responsibility as citizens of the globe”, he concluded.

‘STARS OF TOMORROW’ an initiative of Santoor Ashram has gone online and the first phase will finish on the 30th of August 2021. Those who will be selected from the list for Semi Finals only those performances will go online. The lines for the second phase will open from the 5th of September. The first phase is already open, by the third week of September we will be having the semi-finalists whose performances will be put online

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