StarManch begins the journey to discover the Rhythm of the Latest Musical Trends with their new Musical Blog

  • A musical blog aiming to inform, entertain, and engage music enthusiasts with diverse and engaging content

✍️By Special Correspondent

 StarManch, India’s first Karaoke app, recently introduced its musical blog, where articles written by famous musicians are published.  The musical blog will feature articles based on music, an interview section to musical facts and trends. Srijato, Indian poet, is the editor of the musical blog. Many eminent and distinguished musical personalities like Srikanto Acharya, Anindya Chatterjee, and Joy Sarkar will become a part of this musical journey.

StarManch will provide insightful commentary on the latest music industry news, musical interviews, and the information on all musical events in the city, as well as feature stories by artists. The blog will also include informative articles on music theory and history, songwriting, and recording techniques. The blog is divided into a number of segments like Doshe-Dosh, the interview part, Joy-Yatra by Joy Sarkar, Ei Vabeo Phire Asha Jai by Anindya Chatterjee, Onek Diner Amar Je Gaan by Srikanto Acharya, and Sur o Bahar. The Sur o Bahar segment will feature articles written by different artists of the musical world. Another section will also be included in the blog called Patheyo, which is an information section related to Bengali music, Song Reviews and other news about the music industry.

Speaking on this blog, Randeep Bhattacharya, CEO of StarManch, said, “We’re thrilled to launch our new musical blog, which we hope will become a go-to source for music lovers everywhere, Our team is passionate about music, and we’re excited to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with our readers. Our blog will cover a wide range of topics, from the newest releases to exclusive interviews with some of the most prominent musicians.”


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