Star Jalsha launches ‘Tumi Ashe Pashe Thakle’A ‘Never Seen’ story of Love and Companionship

  • In today’s world, everything is short lived, more so is love.  While the heart still believes that there is someone, somewhere who’d be ‘forever.’

On Friday, the 3rd of November 2023, Star Jalsha is all set to showcase a tale of extra-ordinary love, and eternal companionship…A show that celebrates ‘forever romance’ … ‘TUMI ASHE PASHE THAKLE’.

‘Tumi Ashe Pashe Thakle’ aims to teach us a beautiful lesson about unconditional love, the kind of love that knows no bounds or conditions. In a world where quick, fleeting connections are common, this show serves as a heart-warming reminder that true love can stand the test of time, showcasing the enduring power of love that defies all odds.

Deb and Paro are childhood friends. As they grew up, their bond became even stronger with deep unconditional love for each other. They take vows to be standing for each other, always… forever…

However, will fate be kind enough to help fulfil their promise? Will Dev and Paro be together through thick and thin?

The talented Rohaan Bhattarcharya takes on the role of Deb, while the stunning Angana Roy brings Paro to life, forming the heart of this exceptional narrative. Produced under the esteemed banner of SVF, the show portrays the unique relationship between Dev and Paro, and their romance that is ‘NEVER SEEN’.

Star Jalsha cordially invites the viewers of Bengal and beyond to witness this extraordinary story of love that is bound to take them on an emotional and intriguing journey of discovering ‘Never seen’ romance.

Watch ‘Tumi Ashe Pase Thakle’ from 3rd November Mon- Sun at 8pm on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.”

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