Sonali Sei Bhor

Anando Sangbad Live:Waiting for the golden dawn, the moment of relief, the moment of getting united with your loved ones, the moment’ of celebration has been long going.

But, waiting doesn’t interpret stopping all your activities but doing some productive work. Each and everyone must utilize this time beneficially and beautifully.

‘Sonali Sei Bhor’ is a simple short story on how people are actually making use of this time and setting future goals, be it for themselves, their career, their family or relationship with their respective partners while waiting for the lockdown to get lifted and the virus to become ineffective totally. The short film will be uploaded this week directed by Abhigyan Mukherjee.

The music video “Sonali sei bhor” staring many tolly actors ,directors,singer is a part of the film itself with whom people can relate positively and be a stress buster. The song is melodiously composed by Amit Mitra while it is directed by Abhigyan Mukherjee.

Tolly actors Samragni Saha, Abhirup Chowdhury, Anshu Bach, Ratool Mukherjee, Sayan Karmakar, Madhumita Gupta, Subrata Guha Roy, Arnob Dutta are a part of it. Vocalist Sayani Palit is also a part of the video. Abhigyan,who is a feature film director has also been part of the music video.

The song is sung by Ritam Biswas and in the film by Deblina Roy.

The film stars Samragni Saha, Deblina Roy, Debarshi, Abhirup Chowdhury, Mallika Sinha Roy in important roles.

The team members shot at your own space with limited technicalities without stepping out from home.

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