Socio-Cultural Empowerment of Women by Sontoshpur Agantuk

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Sontoshpur Agantuk ( a premium organization in the field of “Empowerment of Women” is celebrating “Anupranon”. A Sociocultural event to uplift & Empower Women from all classes of life. 

Anupranon was held in ICCR, Satyajit Roy Auditorium on 8th March Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022. The program was unique with the blend of various socio-cultural flavors from the start itself, let us all be part of this journey to celebrate Women`s Day by Empowering them to new heights. The program details along with briefs are mentioned below.

  • The program was inaugurated by a Video presentation 0f Deaf & Dumb Children singing National Anthem through Sign Language. Sontoshpur Agantuk always connects with people from all parts of life including the special and disabled.
  • Opening Speech followed by felicitation of Mr. Bipradas Bhattacharya, President of Sontoshpur Agantuk. Mr Bhattacharya guided us through the entire journey of Agontuk  have changed the lives of millions of women, According to him true “Women’s Day” can only be celebrated when the empowerment should reach the last person of the human pyramid 
  • One of the most important parts of the evening was “Swayam” A Legal awareness initiative by “Sontoshpur Agantuk” conceptualized and created by a firebrand personality Abhishikta Basu. Through Swayam she wanted to guide, educate & empower Women regarding their legal rights and how to achieve justice by implementing them in their real life. This will help a sizeable population of women to be empowered legally. A true celebration of Women`s day will be a society where every woman knows about the laws and that will help them to create a better society. 
  • The next part of the event was something magical and has never been experienced on stage an amalgamation of various Women characters from multiple literary works of Kobiguru Rabindranath Thakur “Sonar Horin” a Live Dance Drama musical program. Every audience was part of this thrilling experience which was full of visual splendor a show that has carved its own niche and place for the audience. The audience craved more like this from the production. The program was conceptualized by Tushi Naskar, A prodigy by herself and a vital member of “Sontoshpur Agantuk” .The script was penned by Krishna Dutta, The vocal iswas rendered soulfully by Swarnali Paul & other important members are Subroto Mukherjee (Music), Subarno Pratim Giri (Vocals).
  • The evening had let us all be part of an emotional roller coaster ride called “Titiksha” a story that depicts the journey of true Womanhood. The meaning of true empowerment will be shown through this film an anthology of 3 unique stories and ideas narrated through soulful music and poetry. “Titiksha” was presented by Kriya. The project was directed & visualized by a brilliant mind and prodigy Aahi Nasker and ably mentored by filmmaker Mr. Sandipan Mondol. 

Let us all be part of this Journey to Empower Women”

“Sontoshpur Agantuk” creates differences in the life of thousands of women by empowering them Socially, Culturally, and above all financially through their expertise and execution. The Organisation is ably handled by Swarnali Pal, Tushi Naskar, Sayanjit Ghosh, and many others. Through their selfless activities and hard work changing lives of many and let all the women smile with happiness.

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