1) Samarendra: Asit Basu
2) Anupama: Aloknananda Roy Banerjee
3) Police Officer: Ishan Majumdar
4) Subhabrata: Koushik Chakraborty
1) Banner: Camera Stylo Production
2) Producer: Emeli Dasgupta
3) Script &Direction: Tamal Dasgupta
4) Executive Producer: Tapas Chakrabarty
5) Director of Photography: Mrinmoy Mondal
6) Editor: Tapas Chakrabarty
7) Chief Assistant Director: Amit Dey
8) Production: Pradip Saha

Synopsis: –
In front of the gate of a house in an elite area of ? Kolkata, a crowd of police cars,
ambulances and curious people and journalists of the channel. owner of this house is Samarendra Mukherjee. Aged Samarendra Mukherjee and his wife Anupama live alone in this house. Their only son Shubhobrata lives with his family at Bangalore.

Police are trying to break down the door of the apartment. After many attempts, the police broke down the door and entered the flat. There have a lot of food arranged on the table in the dining hall. There is a half cake in the middle of the table. Police are entering a room. The corpse of Samarendra and Anupama are lying on the bed decorated with flowers. They are holding each other’s hands tightly. Police informing that, Samarendra Mukherjee had mailed the suicide note to their son Shubhobrata. Shubhobrata informed the police from Bangalore.

Shubhobrata come to home after finishing his parents’ funeral. His mobile rang. His wife calling. Shubhobrata tells his wife on the phone, “I came back after funeral, got the postmortem report. As per report death was occurred for poison. no, I came home – I didn’t get up at the
hotel”. Shubhobrata talks to his wife and goes upstairs. He come and stand in his parents’ bedroom. The flowers are still Scattered on the bed. A bunch of dried petals of red roses in the
middle of the bed. Shubhobrata looks at him with unblinking eyes.

Late at night, sitting in the drawing room, Shubhobrata is reading his father’s last mail
on his laptop. The words written in his mail can be heard in Samarendra’s throat – ‘I am just thinking about your mother — she is sick and is lying helplessly in bed’ …. Samarendra wrote in his suicide note about their decision to commit suicide.

Samarendra Mukherjee got out of the doctor’s cabin and sat in the car and saw the busy city. doctor said today that, Samarendra’s pancreatic cancer is at an advanced stage. The time of his survival is very uncertain – he will be live for two months may be six months. Samarendra
think, about her wife, how can Anupama live without him. Who will take the responsibility of helpless and crippled lady? Samarendra was startled by nightmares.
Samarendra is watching sleeping sick wife Anupama. He turned his hand on his wife’s
head. Anupama woke up. Anupama smiled when she saw her husband. The two of them stared at each other. Anupama holds Samarendra’s hand. Tomorrow is their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Samarendra tell Anupama everything – he tell his wife about his decision to commit suicide. Anupama agreed with her husband’s decision.
Today is the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Anupama-Samarendra. Samarendra is
decorating the whole house with flowers. Anupama’s nurse bathes Anupama and leaves.
Samarendra has beautifully decorated the dining table. Lots of food is arranged on the table.
The cake in the middle of the table with a tag- ‘Happy 50th Marriage Anniversary.
Samarendra is sitting on the computer in the drawing room and writing a mail to his son -today the 50th anniversary of our marriage. I can’t leave her helpless who spent so many years with me. So, I taken a decision of course, after consulting with your mother that, we are both voluntarily want to ending our life. At first, I was decided that, not to tell you regarding our
decision. But somewhere as per my values it seemed that, you are our offspring. I should let you inform. You are busy with various works. So, to you have lack of times. That may not be

your fault. you will not need to come Kolkata by spoiling your work. You inform the Police.
They will come and arrange our funeral. -Goodbye’. Samarendra got up after sending the mail.
Samarendra come to the dining hall along with Anupama. She is sitting in a wheelchair.
Anupama smiled. Samarendra handed over a bunch of red roses to Anupama. Anupama loves
red roses very much. They are cutting the cake by lighting the lamp. The elderly couple fed
cake each other. The night is getting dark. Lying side by side on a flower-decorated bed, elderly
couple is waiting for death with peace.

Shubhobrata closes the laptop.

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