Seram Sharadbaran 2021′ launched Pujo Memento

Seram Sharadbaran 2021′ stepped on 12 this time. Durgapujo is the best festival of Bengali and India. With this pujo in mind, Seram Sharadbaran has taken a timely and essential program this year. Sanjeev Acharya, Chairman of Seram Group and Secretary of Seram Thalassemia Prevention Federation, gave details of the program of Seram Sharadbaran 2021 at a press conference at Press Club Kolkata on September 3. On behalf of Seram Sharadbaran 2021, a programme has been taken to give free covishield vaccine to five members of each pujo organization participating in this event. The vaccine will be administered from two vaccine centers run by Serum Analysis Center Pvt. Ltd. The registration of the name of Seram Sharadbaran 2021 started from September 3. In addition to online, Pujo entrepreneurs will be able to register for the event offline at three centers till September 30. The press conference begins with the theme song. Pujo memento inaugurated by actor and playwright Surajit Bandyopadhyay, Mridul Banerjee,Swami Saradatmananda and other special guests were present on that occasion. Pujo’s website and Covid registration form were officially launched. The next attraction was the debate meeting. What Shardiya honors are sold!

Along with ‘Seram Sharadbaran’, Kolkata is divided into four parts. East, West, North and South. Pujo in Salt Lake and Howrah are also associated with the competition. In the first round, the judges selected the 25 best contestants from each section. This time in the final stage of the competition, the prizes for the best idol, the best idea, the best low budget pujo and the best social friend category are fixed for each part.

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