Sayanee Chavda: The sensational Kathak Dancer

✍️By Special Correspondent

 Born in Kharagpur, brought up in Kolkata, Sayanee Chavda, shares her story among the masses about her journey as a sensational Kathak dancer. Kathak was in her blood since childhood and from the very beginning, Sayanee has been attracted to the very intricate technicalities of this dance. To her, Kathak was not just a dance but it was an art, which represented freedom and possibilities. She has completed her education from G.D. Birla and done her graduation in BSc Physics from Jogamaya Devi College. She started learning dancing when she was two and a half years of age. Her lifelong mentors were Smt Luna Pan Poddar, and Pt Vijai Shankar. Since then, she has achieved a lot. From receiving a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to standing ovation at Digha Mandarmani Beach Festival, even performing in Sangeet Natak Academy and dancing in front of Musical Stalwarts in ITC Sangeet Research Academy, she proved herself over and over again. Finally, the most emotional ones were Guruji recommending her name for Sangeet Natak Academy program and seeing her daughter dance because of her love for dancing just like her.

Just like how her mother encouraged her to dance, she can tell her own daughter to follow her dreams and not fall under the whims of society. With her family’s support and the profession which she is really passionate about, she managed to go beyond anyone’s expectations and make her name in the industry. Being a loving mother and a loving wife, she balances her life very well between work and family. Juggling between these two, many have faced difficulty in the past to cope and make ends meet. But Sayanee Chavda, plays an essential role in balancing work-life alongside her family life. She always states the importance of family in her including parents, husband, and children, she attributes and acknowledges a large part of her success to her happy and accommodating family. She also prefers to share her dancing skills among new and aspiring dancers, She also helps them to get a big platform and establish themselves. Sayanee Chavda is not only a dancer but an institution by herself performing entreating educating one and all.

Sayanee Chavda performed all across India and is one of the most liked Kathak Dancer her fame is not limited regionally but nationally her fame is global. She performed and trained in multiple digital platforms and been appreciated over there also. Post pandemic she will be performing in Murshidabad Heritage Festival Organized by EZCC Ministry of Culture under “Azadi ki Amrit Mahaotsav”. She will be performing in a large group, The theme of the show will be a glorification of India through the eye of the Child and how the child reacts to it. Sayanee Chavda is a legend, she has achieved so much at such a young age. Sharing with you the achievements along with the list of notable performances. The list of Commendable performances are as follows, Khajurho, ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Modhera, Kumbh, Kathak Kendra, Runn Utsav, Lucknow Mahotsav, Hampi, Puri Beach Festival, to name a few. She is specialized in Lucknow Gharana and created various successful dance production. Her commitment towards Kathak and Indian Classical dance has created a niche for herself. 

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