SankalpTaru Foundation becomes the first Indian NGO in environmental conservation space to launch Blockchain

Kolkata ,29th March 2022: One of India’s leading IT enabled NGO, SankalpTaru Foundation today
announced an integration with Polygon to adopt blockchain technology. This integration enables
SankalpTaru Foundation to become the first Indian NGO in the environmental conservation space. It also
helps to further enhance the trust of its donors that offers them an additional handle to check the veracity
of information, including the tree data shared with them.
As a major agricultural producer, West Bengal is said to have good farming interventions, despite which
the state’s marginal farmers do not receive a good return over their crops due to low selling rates.
SankalpTaru initiated Project Shyamolima with a pledge to promote biodiversity in the state through
development of a sustainable plantation program, thus creating efficient and effective self-enthusiastic
model for the project beneficiaries.
On this occasion, Mr Apurva Bhandari, Founder of SankalpTaru Foundation says, “SankalpTaru has
always pioneered through its various creative interventions and has brought technology closer to the cause.
Blockchain allows digital information like tree URL with basic details such as tree image, tree ID, and its geo-
location to be recorded and distributed with no scope of editing, deletion, or destruction of any data. Through
Blockchain, we would build trust among our donors and sponsors and encourage them to plant millions of
trees to combat the war against climate change.”
The Blockchain is an information management technology that uses a distributed processing architecture
to enhance the resiliency of data transactions from unauthorized changes, hacks, and corruptions. If
someone tries to alter or tamper with a record in one instance of the database, the other nodes would cross-
reference each other and easily pinpoint the node with the incorrect information. Thus, this system helps
to establish an exact and transparent order of events. This way, SankalpTaru would ensure that the trees
planted by its individual and corporate donors are never duplicated or reassigned to anyone else. Every
planted tree in the digital forest would bear unique data and a placeholder to cross-verify the details shared
with the donors.
The green patrons are environmentally aware and take a decision to contribute their time, money, and
trust in making the planet liveable. Blockchain initiative of SankalpTaru and Polygon is there to assure that
one’s tree data is very much validated and immutable. This integration is foreseen to revolutionize the way
data is stored and accessed.
This integration is a shining example of bringing new green opportunities to the technological world.

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