Sales Emporium Celebrates 58th years of service with trust

Kolkata 10th August’2022: With time and experience comes vision, in reality, on the papers witnessed by all vacationing for it. In the Year of 1964 right in Nagerbazar, Mr.Hans Raj Jain and Mr.Poonam Chand Jain opened Sales Emporium in partnership owing to their healthy grown bond of trust and companionship. Sales emporium does Business in Electronic goods and deals directly to the customer in any matters of sales. 58 years later now they are running as one of the pioneers of sales in this sector of the industry and have created firm dominion in the market because of the trustworthy prestige they have developed from the side of the customers.

Spanning Business over 58 years being handled by 3 generations of both the founding partners families now handled by partnership of 4 torchbearers of the esteemed roots, namingly Narendra Jain, Manoj Jain,Rajiv Jain and Abhishek Jain post the unfortunate demise of both the founding partners. Right on the eve of the 58th Anniversary, Sales Emporium are about to open their latest store in the city between VIP crossing and Baguihati Crossing area. They already have multiple stores throughout prime business locations of the city. A Chain of stores of Electronic Goods and sales isn’t just a witness of the expansion and graph of their business but a testimonial to the relationship they have continued to maintain with the general mass, their customer loyalty and bonafide service over the years.

Sales Emporium is believed to be not only a stop where the customers find satisfaction but also where the workers and employees are pleased to lend out their services for they maintain a healthy working and service relationship with each and everyone connected with the Electronics Outstop as it is a big family they share their life with. At Sales Emporium they believe in healthy competition and have always made the competitors feel at ease in the means of communication and Deliberation.

Essentially sales Emporium has developed such well-connected chain because of the quality assurance, durability and good business experience regarding products they have provided over the years. Sales Emporium stand stand to be an astounding example that the way to the top in business is by taking care of the public and catering to their demands, and they did not only live by this philosophy, they have created a success story right in the heart of the city for various budding stand-alone brands to witness and gain inspiration from. In the words of one of the current partners, Mr.Manoj Jain- “We at Sales emporium do not only believe in business, our first priority is the customer, we take care of each and every need of the customer so that they gain a healthy experience associating with us”. It’s just a matter of time before which they expand even more and establish themselves as the favorite public stop for electronics.

What they are coming up with this season will take up a lot of interest of the mass as well as Sales Emporium put out lucrative offers and rewards on each purchase. They are even offering special gifts for limited lucky customers and a bag full of irresistible deals. With prices beating out that of online options and other competitors in the market, Sales Emporium ensures everyone that they are truly here to win the hearts of the mass.

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