Romancing the Traditional—Mitan’s ode to Benarasis

Anando Sangbad Live:All of us are eagerly waiting for Durgotsav. There’s something in the air which is so infectiously festive that one can’t but think of Durga Puja. The very thought of the festivities brings with it a feeling of hope which is truly a powerful thing. It motivates us to do the impossible and inspires us to think ahead during difficult times. And hope can come in many different shapes and forms. It may be through our favourite music, or a good book, or even thinking and planning for Durga Puja as it celebrates the victory of good over evil! Puja for the quintessentially Bengali women means adda with friends, offering pushpanjali, enjoying bhog and draping oneself with a new saree on each day. Maa Durga too comes draped in gorgeous sarees looking mesmerising and beautiful, bedecked in jewellery.

For the well-known designer Mitan Ghosh, a woman is “Shakti who with her trident (trishul) wields power to fight all evils and emerge a winner.” Maa Durga symbolises that inherent power of woman!

Mitan Ghosh has carefully curated a special collection of traditional sarees for her online Durga Puja exhibition called “Aishani” – she who is fierce and strong. With a background in fashion designing—she studied fashion designing from South Delhi Polytechnic Women’s College and holds a Diploma from NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai—Mitan believes in offering her clients the very best in terms of textiles and richness of weaves. As a curator, Mitan loves to “work mostly with Benarasis, whenever I think of festivities it spells grandeur, and my sarees speak that language.” Rich colours, fine weaves and exquisitely woven embellishments are the hallmarks of her collection. From the grandeur of katan silk to pure silk with floral buta work in colours like red, black, green and orange among others highlight the festive spirit of the season.

Mitan‘s romance with Benarasis perhaps began during her young days spent in villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh and her frequent vacations at Banaras which left an indelible mark on her sensibilities. She was exposed to the cultural heritage and aesthetics of Banaras…where the spiritual and the commercial co-existed. It is this synergy that has richly translated into her curated label—Mitan Ghosh. She celebrates womanhood with her gorgeous collection of handcrafted traditional silk weaves which showcases the marvels of the looms of Banaras and the skill of the master weavers. Each of her sarees is a true expression of India’s cultural parlance where the gorgeous, handcrafted textiles have tickled the sartorial taste.

Her knowledge of Indian Textiles and her skill in modernising the traditional, won her critical acclaim. She was nominated for Times NRI of 2018 and received the Women’s Achievement Award 2017 for Fashion.

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