Robot man of India launched Chandrayaan 3 from Kolkata

Mr. Arijit Hajra, CEO, Think Again Lab popularly known as Robot Man of India for his incredible innovation Annapurna- Eastern India’s first semi humanoid butler robot which was featured in Dadagiri Season 9, once again mesmerised kolkata with another splendid techno artistic innovation – Live visual implementation of Chandrayaan 3 as the theme pavilion at Milan Utsav, 2024 organised by west Bengal minority development and finance corporation at park circus maidan.

Arijit, along with a team of 20 innovators from Think Again Lab has once again blown audience’s mind with incredible show where they demonstrated the three different important phases of chandrayaan 3 – take off, moon and orbiter, vikram and pragyan respectively.

They have created real looking small scale models of Chandrayaan 3 , srihorikota space port, moon, orbiter, vikram and pragyan. Not only the models they eventually created the ambiance to make it look real like by creating terrain like moon , space and many more.

The Chandrayaan 3 was about 3 ft high, moon was about 5ft diameter, orbiter was about 1.5 ft in length, vikram was about 3 ft high and pragyan was about 1ft in length and the whole stage was about 50ft in width and 70ft in length and build as an auditorium.

Not only this models, but they have created some incredibly innovative supporting devices like two 14 ft high crane which can eventually lift upto 500 kg to simulate the take off of Chandrayaan 3 and landing of vikram lander and orbiting device of 5ft length and 6ft height to simulate the orbiter.

Arijit said, “ This whole project was a war against time as we got the stage just one day before the event but the minimum installation time was 5 days. But my whole team never lost hope despite of several criticisms and disappointment and we challenged our self that by hook or crook we have to prove it once again that Team Think Again Lab is another name for innovation. My whole team has slept for only one to two hour day in the event ground for last six days and has not went back to home to make this dream project a reality”

He also added, “ our main purpose was to create a visual representation of Chandrayaan 3 to encourage youths about space science as well as celebrate ISRO’s grand success of last year in tribute of APJ Abdul Kalam”

All the audiences as well as lots of top ranked officials have visited their show and immensely praised their effort and innovation and team think again lab is very much hopeful about the impact of this kind of project on our future generations to inspire them to take technology and space as their career.
Thanks to PRO, Kingshuk Giri (T2 Media & PR) for giving us the opportunity to cover this wonderful project.

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