Rituparna Sengupta recreates ITC Ltd. Sunrise Spices’ Durgatinashini at Sunrise 66 Pally Pandal 

Kolkata, West Bengal, September 29, 2022: The crowd at the Sunrise 66 Pally Durga puja pandal were ecstatic and cheered as they witnessed the evergreen Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta recreate the music video of Sunrise Durgatinashini. 

ITC Ltd.’s Sunrise Spices conceptualized ‘Sunrise Durgatinashini’ campaign to create awareness about self-defence among women, further encouraging them to develop their physical and mental strength by enrolling in the self-defence program. In line to the theme, the brand recently launched a music video on September 16, 2022, which was extremely well-received. 

The event also featured a workshop, where self-defence experts demonstrated simple techniques to help women protect themselves in the event of an emergency. Members from the audience showcased these techniques on stage, making the event extremely interactive and interesting. 

Registrations have started for the one-day workshop for women –

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