Renal Tumour Consortium & Next Generation Cryoablation Technology installation at Narayana Health, Kolkata

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✍️By Special Correspondent

 Going by the conventional set of treatments available for cancer, many cases require surgical invasion to remove their tumor. Although surgery is considered to be one of the painful procedures but in recent decade with 3D visualization, minimally invasive technique and faster recovery robotic surgeries have transformed this idea. In an endeavor to take this vision forward recently Narayana Health, Kolkata introduced Renal Tumour Consortium & Next Generation Cryoablation Technology installation for advanced treatment in Cancer Care. The conference was organized at The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata, on 15th February, 2022.

Dr. Shuvro Roy Choudhury, Chief of Interventional & Endovascular radiology, Narayana Health, Kolkata said “there has been a paradigm shift in the diagnosis and management of renal tumours, particular small renal tumours. Due to increasing imaging performed for other reasons, these tumours are often detected incidentally at a smaller size before any presenting symptoms. In surgical practice, this change in paradigm over the last 50 years had prompted a shift from radical surgery, (removal of the whole kidney) to removing part of the kidney, known as partial nephrectomy. This surgery has also evolved, initially done in an open fashion and subsequently done laparoscopically and now done very efficiently, robotically. Narayana Health in Kolkata is already offering state of the art robotic surgery at both its sites”.

Parallel to the development of minimally invasive surgery, there has been the development of interventional therapies, particularly for the smaller kidney tumours, whereby these tumours are successfully cured without conventional surgery. Existing techniques for treating these tumours effectively through a pinhole include radiofrequency or microwave ablation. These techniques are already performed here with international expertise spanning 20 years with one of the larger series in the world. Added to this armamentarium is now the newest technique of needle based micro-invasive treatment of small kidney tumour, called cryoablation, a technique that freezes cancer in its tracts. 

Cryoablation offers minimally invasive, scarless and pain-free treatment of small renal tumours that is widely acknowledged as the most state of the art technique worldwide with minimal damage to surrounding normal kidney tissue and preservation of kidney function. This state of the art treatment is now available at NH Kolkata – the only private sector hospital in the subcontinent to offer this treatment. This particular technology uses Liquid Nitrogen to create aiceball to kill the tumour which subsequently regresses overtime Dr Roy Choudhury added.

Along with experts offering cryoablation and robotic surgery patients are now offered the full choice of treatment of kidney cancer throughout the treatment spectrum, available anywhere else in the world. This Renal Tumour Consortium involves a multidisciplinary board including Urologists, Interventional Radiologists and Oncologists.

This newly installed cryoablation system would have other useful applications, including treatment of benign breast fibroadenoma without any scars, treatment of bone and soft tissue tumours and will be offered across the NH Network. Patients can go home within a day without scars and rapidly resume normal activities. 

Doctors Present in the press meet Dr. Shuvro Roy Choudhury, Chief of  Interventional & Endovascular radiology, Dr. Satyadip Mukherjee, Consultant- Robotic Surgery, Uro- Oncology,          Dr. Tarun Jindal, Senior consultant of oncology, Robotic Surgery, Uro- Oncology.  Dr. Vivek Agarwal, Director & senior Consultant- Dept of Medical Oncology and Haemato-oncology, Dr. Chandrakanth M.V, Consultant- Dept of Medical Oncology and Haemato-oncology,

All experienced and skilled surgeons from the team in Cancer Care discussed about the advanced and focused treatment of cancer with Next Generation Cryoablation Technology inthe conference.

R. Venkatesh, Regional Director (East), Narayana Health said, Patients in our hospital have been witness to our active efforts to provide them the best of care and treatment. With these hi-tech additions we reinforce our commitment to bringing the most advanced technology to treat their medical issues..”

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