RB Diagnostic is a place where patient’s health meets priority

✍️By Special Correspondent

RB Diagnostic was launched due to the nonexistence of quality medical service provider in the Eastern part of India. With a vision to provide best in class services, accurate reports at the most economical prices RB was established. Since its inception in 2010, with one branch in Lake Town, RB Diagnostic has been striving to provide exceptional services to all be it Pathology, Radiology, Imaging or assistance of some of the best doctors in the city.

The use Digital Radiology is also something we introduced in Eastern India and the rest have followed suite. It has reduced the wait time and helped patients recover faster. Xray, CT, MRI images available within half am hour. They are also  the pioneers in helping people see their medical history of 5 years to understand their recovery path. They are also proud to tell, during covid RB had not increased any of its rates. Rather we were the only centre to decrease our ct scan rates. They tried our best to give as much input as we could to handle the crisis during the pandemic.

Mr Abhinaya Goenka (Director RB Diagnostic) said “Today with a total of 12 branches spread across Kolkata, Howrah, Nepal and with the 13th branch opening its doors to the city of Joy on 7th May at Deshapriya Park, we are not just economical but also reliable, prompt & accurate. We have some of the best equipments available globally which helps us maintain our global standards quality. Mr. Deepak Agarwal  Director said – We have a lot to offer in terms of customised packages and one of our strengths is home collection, which includes all pathology tests, along with a few radiology tests namely Portable Xray, ECG, Holter, 24 hour BP Monitoring”.

Mr.Gopal Agarwal said that -During Covid we have collected, processed and delivered 3000 reports, 7000 blood samples, did 500 CT Scans and 1100 home collection on a daily basis. With our new rates, we are not just the most economical when compared to other offline brands, but also when compared to online giants.

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