Rang Barse, the Holi special food festival at Acropolis Presents Thandai making competition in association with Calcutta Foodies Club

  • Noted Chef Shaun Kenworthy adjudged the competition 
  • Rang Barse , enchanted foodies with tasty Holi festival from 18th to 21st March

Kolkata, 21st March 2021:  A sip of the freezing thandai or lassi and a bite of the holi special sweets and the tasty phuchka with its medley of sweet-sour tamarind soaked water …Doesn’t it bring a visible rapture on your face smeared with organic holi special abir? Imagine all this and much more indulgence for all and sundry out there at Acropolis Mall. 

Acropolis Mall has been ushering in the joy of Holi and doljatra with its Holi special food festival “Rang Barse” in association  with Calcutta Foodies Club, at its periphery from 18th March to 21st March from 5 pm to 10 pm. A plethora of food items and holi colours have been wooing the guests at Acropolis . Calcutta Foodies Club , the online food community with over 2 lakh members has been organizing contests like Thandai making competition, food photography contest, sweet eating contest, chaat eating contest in association with Acropolis Mall. 

A special thandai making competition was the attraction of the last day 20 Participants from Calcutta Foodies Club participated in the contest. Noted Chef Shaun Kenworthy adjudged  the contest and announced winners. 

Rang Barse – as is christened, the Holi special food festival has lured foodies  with Snacks, Fritters, Chaat, Phuchka, Thandai,  Lassi, Holi Special Sweets, Paan, Ancha, Papad, Dry Foods, Organic Color, Pichkari, Other Holi Related Items. 

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“At Acropolis we have been innovating and organizing varieties of festivals for our guests for over five years. Rang Barse has been conceptualised to herald the popular Holi festival and Doljatra in Kolkata which will conjure up a perfect reason for guests to congregate at the Acropolis Mall. We hope that shoppers can indulge in their spring shopping spree amidst the lovely spring weather with nice breeze at several fashion, apparel, gadget, consumer durable stores inside Acropolis Mall while enjoying the winter ambience and dinosaurs and indulging in their gastronomic journey at the holi food festival. All our brands including Shoppers stop , Being Human, Jack n Jones, Body Shop , Lotus , Police , colorbar, Little Shop , Starbucks, Sketchers , Marks & Spencer , Levis and many more are there to encourage shoppers with their merchandize amidst the lovely spring weather with nice breeze”, said K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis Mall

Chandan Gupta, Admin, Calcutta Foodies Club said, “We from Calcutta Foodies club has been associated with Acropolis Mall for different food festivals. We were associated previously for the bakery festival. Here at the Holi festival Rang Barse, like, we are engaged in different kinds of competitions. We hope to partner with Acropolis Mall in future as well”.

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