“Ramprasad- A Spiritual Story of a Family Man”

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Bengal has been known for its extensive history, vibrant culture, and strong connection to religion and spirituality. Star Jalsha has pioneered in depicting the stories of change, creating and celebrating characters of inspiration.
Another such story from Star Jalsha is getting launched on 17th April,2023 , Mon-Sun at 6 pm. Star Jalsha proudly presents Ramprasad, “A Spiritual Story of a Family Man”.

Ramprasad was a Hindu Shakta poet of the 18th Century. As the legend goes, Ramprasad was born in a Bengali Baidya family during a time of numerous ups and downs, political unrest, and power changes in society and brought about peace in turbulence with his soulful songs. His poems and songs, popularly known as Ramprasadi, is admired by millions. The story celebrates the journey of Ramprasad who besides being an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali also continued with all his household responsibilities as a husband and father.

The story elaborates how Ramprasad, being a dedicated family man with loving wife Sarbani and children, pursued his quest for divinity through his poems and songs. We will see how Sarbani has been the most significant support in his life as a family man and in his journey of devotion.
The soulful title track of the show, Ramprasad, has been sung by famous Bollywood playback singer, Shantanu Mukherjee, aka Shaan.

The show is produced by Surinder Films. The lead roles will be played by Sabyasachi Chowdhury as Ramprasad, Sushmili Acharjya as Sarbani (Ramprasad’s wife), and Payel De as Goddess Kali.

Speaking on the occasion, channel spokesperson said, “Star Jalsha has constantly striven to introduce stories and characters which are memorable yet distinctive. On this note we will be launching the story of saint poet Ramprasad who was a true change maker during his times. He not only inspired people but also touched the lives of every Bengali with his simple and chaste devotional ideals. We are sure that Bengal will fall in love with Ramprasad and his creations once again.”

Watch Ramprasad from 17th April, Mon-Sun, 6 pm on Star Jalsha and Star Jalsha HD.

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