Puspita Lodh stealing hearts with her modelling and acting skills

By Special Correspondent

Beauty has proven to be attractive to humans since ages. In the words of Keats, “A thing of beauty is joy forever.”. It is an undeniable fact that which or who posses beauty obtain special attention. in earlier times even if beautiful kept themselves decked up, they preffered to stay indoors. However in today’s scenario, the glamour world has provided endless opputunitires to both men and women so that they can showcase their beauty. Beauty contests held all over the world has enabled models to enjoy lavish lifestyle. The models get exposure through different advertisements and get chances to act in movies and television as well. In our city, there is one such model who has made eyes turn through her fashion shows and skills, she is Pushpita Lodh.Pushpita has recently won hearts through her adfilms.Even in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, she has acted in various short films and OTT platforms.She has informed us that she will be soon appearing in cinemas.During Christmas, she appeared absolutely glamarous in various events. She has definitely rasised audience’s hope regarding her future endeavors.

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