Puja Curtains go up with KHUTI PUJA at Mohammad Ali Park

Anando Sangbad Live: Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park heralded the autumnal ritual with the
Khuti Puja today on Wednesday to mark the start of Durga puja proceedings this year located at Central Avenue Fire
Station, near MG Metro station. Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park is one of the eye catcher puja of the city
for its innovative concept and celebration style. This Puja is particularly famous for its unique style of pandals and also
for the social work which the committee carries out throughout the year.

The occasion was glittered by the presence of various eminent personalities like: Sri. Tapas Roy, Minister of State for
Parliamentary Affairs; Smt. Smita Bakshi, MLA; Sri. Sanjay Bakshi, Ex MLA; Smt. Rehana Khatun, Councillor &
many others. The Key Committee members who were present at the Khuti Puja were: Surendra Kr.
Sharma (Secretary) / Ram Chandra Badopalia (Chief Patron)/ Pramod Chandak, Ramesh Lakhotia (Working
President)/ Dulal Moitra (Vice President) / Ashok Ojha, Sachin Sharma (Joint Secretary)/ Pawan Sharma, Ganesh
Sharma, Md. Shahid, Rajnish Sharma (Committee Members).
With Khuti Puja happening all over the city and Dhaks playing alongside, Youth Association of Mohammad Ali
Park marked the heralding of the Durga Puja with the presence of these renowned personalities. Youth Association of
Mohammad Ali Park takes immense pride to celebrate the 52nd year with much opulence and creativity. The
Committee has always tried to create a niche amongst all contemporary pujas by bringing about uniqueness through
the concept and in the thought process that goes into the festivity like pandal creation, idol, ambience, safety and
communal harmony. Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park has been known for its state of the art presentation
over the years and hopefully this year will be even grander.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Surendra Kr Sharma, General Secretary of Md. Ali Park Durga Puja said, “After the
huge success over the years, where we received multiple awards from different segments, the entire team of Youth
Association of Mohammad Ali Park is fully charged up for this year also. In the last few years our puja has drawn
many thousands of visitors every day. In the midst of theme pujas all over, just wait and watch for our part of glitters.
As maintaining physical distance is mandatory, we had to think of a concept that would avoid crowding near the
pandals. We are confident that people would appreciate our effort this year too”, he added inviting everyone to come to
the puja with family and friends.

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