Princeton Club Presents “MEXICAN FOOD FEST”

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Feisty, vibrant and mysterious – these words define the land of Mexico. A mix of ethnic varieties and a vibrant history gives it a unique culinary culture. Princeton Club, the premium social club presents gourmets a gastronomic journey into the vivacious culinary history of Mexico. Foodies with liking for tangy , flamboyant , spicy Mexican recipes have ample reasons to revel in the Mexican Food Festival at Princeton Club.

Princeton Club, the premium new age social club is presenting a 10 day long Mexican food festival from April 1 to April 10,2022 for its guests and valued members during lunch and dinner.
The fare lures gourmands with an array of spicy dishes. The journey begins with “Soup Caldo DE Res” , a Mexican soup made with a flavorful chicken broth and filled with lots of vegetables such as squash, corn, carrots, cabbage and potatoes. It has vegetarian option as well. Another dish , “Cheese fundido” will melt in the mouth with chorizo; a smoky, spicy, ground sausage. This recipe has these traditional elements, plus a few extras to really kick up the flavor. A few other popular dishes including Cheese Gordita Crunch – a warm flatbread layered with three-cheese blend and wrapped around a crunchy taco filled with seasoned non veg item, spicy ranch sauce, crispy lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese and “Charcoal Burritos with Cheese Brust” – a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled round a savoury filling, typically of minced chicken or beans would bring cheer to the souls of a quintessential Mexican food lover.

The typical :Nachos Grande with Pintoo Beans “- Hearty, man-sized nachos featuring a creamy cheese sauce, onion, tomato and jalapeno for topping tortilla chips would feed a crowd as an appetizer or serve for dinner! If you are looking for salad , then :Mexican Chopped Salad “ in – vegetarian or chicken category would be a right choice . Black Beans Quesarito With Smoked Tomato Salsa – would tantalize you with its smoky tomatoes, melty cheese and black beans sandwiched between two crispy grilled tortillas.Try between the vegetarian and non veg options.
The main course boasts of Fiesta Rice – fluffy, tender ,flavourful rice and colourful vegetables which can be served with Tex Max Hot Pot a shredded chicken or vegetables made in the slow cooker with salsa, black beans , corn and cream cheese. The dessert section presents Alegria De Amranto with Vanilla Ice Cream.
“ We at Princeton Club bring a variety of culinary experience for our valued members and guests from time to time. . Mexican food has been loved by foodies preferring spicy flavour. Mexico’s cuisine has been blessed with numerous influences, ranging from the early civilization of the Aztecs and Mayas to modern Europeans. The land embarked on its food journey with simple native elements like peanuts, vanilla, beans, coconuts, tomatoes and With time, Europeans added meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and goat, and cheese to the basket.
Our chef Abhijit chakraborty, experimented adeptly various ingredients with flamboyant use of chilies, cheese, corn and peanuts, vanilla, beans, tomatoes and chili peppers with lip smacking taste. We hope the fare will be adored by our patrons”, said Sanjay Karmakar, Manager, Operations , Princeton Club.

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