Press Conference of upcoming bollywood movie ‘‘Love in Ukraine” in Kolkata

✍️By Special Corresoondent

  • A country of folklores , a country of picturesque yet now a country ravaged by war . 
  • Ukraine , is the second largest European country after Russia . It’s a beautiful country which is home to beautiful people thus it was a perfect place to shoot a love story beautiful an Indian boy and an Ukrainian girl . “ Love in Ukraine “ is the debut film of actor Vipin Kaushik , a tall handsome young man who is a perfect fit for being the romantic hero . The heroine is Lizabeta , an Ukrainian actress . While shooting the film in different locations of Ukraine the cast & crew never knew that it would be the last film to be shot in the country before the dark shadow of war will shroud the nation . It’s also a coincidence that the film has a sequence where the antagonists bomb a Ukrainian village . 

The film is a chance to see the beautiful locations of Ukraine which is now ravaged by war .   

Many of the local cast and crew are still in the warzone safe but shaken . According to the lead actor Vipin that could sense the looming dangers there were news of the Russian force gathering in the border of Ukraine . 

The people of Ukraine are excited about the film which will be showcased in Ukraine and it will be a gift of love from India . 

We here in India don’t have to wait for long as the film “ Love in Ukraine “ is releasing on 27th of May 2022 .

The debutant hero Vipin Kaushik is all set to make history with this film , a film that is all about love and all about the triumph of love over all atrocities . I think that’s what a Ukrainians are hoping at this moment , that soon love and peace will prevail over their motherland.

A press conference was held at Abis Inn , Kolkata in presence of lead actor Vipin Kaushik.

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