Playtoome to devise a freedom series to mark the 75th Independence Day

  • 75days 75 shows to be casted live on Playtoome

Kolkata, 12th August 2021: India is celebrating its 75th Independence Day this year. In order to pay a tribute to the struggles made by our eminent freedom fighters, Playtoome has come up with a freedom series to commemorate the 75th Independence Day. Playtoome is world’s first dedicated and curated platform for performing arts and it is a live entertainment platform, which connects artists with their fans irrespective of boundaries and providing new opportunities to the hidden talents of our country.

The concept of these online live shows is to give an opportunity to build an India of their dreams and to mark this prestigious occasion of Independence Day. While the digital era is taking over, there lies a good scope for performing artists to get the much due acknowledgement from their audience and widen their reach in the most convenient manner. Playtoome sells artist’s talent globally and due to this, artist’s get an exposure by having a digital concert in their own name and this is how many artist’s have survived this pandemic.
Till date, through Playtoome, more than 2000 artistes have been paid out more than Rs. 20L.. Playtoome was broadly active in the music space, dance performances have been opening up in the last few months. Today 50% of the shows are dance shows of various forms – classical, modern and international. There will be 75 shows of various genres to be performed for a stretch of 75 days. Playtoome currently has 25,000+ artists enrolled and 100,000+ users who love to watch the online shows of various artists on their original composition. Various genres like dance, music, poetry, recitation, etc are going to be there.

Speaking on the occasion, Keerthivasan Subramanian- Founder and CEO, Playtoome says, “We are proud to launch Playtoome, in Kolkata, a city that comes with a strong culture which comprises of music, dance, art and plethora of a performing artist. We have consciously decided to expand in Pan India i.e. in tier 2/3 cities as of now. Only top 6 cities in India get to witness the talent live. This platform is going to bridge the gap in between the artists and viewers with its distinctive features. . We are happy to announce that 50% of the income is paid to the artists performing in Playtoome.”

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