Pet calendar 2023, an initiative by Paramita Munsi

✍️By Special Correspondent

Pet Calender, 2023 is the brainchild of screenwriter and director Paramita Munsi which will showcase the bond between humans and pets in every nook and corner of this magazine. Paramita and his husband Sudip Bhattacharjee, a renowned Art director of the film industry, have worked on this idea of the pet calendar as a tribute to the loving memories of their beloved pet Newton Bhattacharyawho has deceased last year. A pet calendar of this stature is a first in the whole of India. From January, 2023 to December, 2023, every page of this calendar will host the imagesof renowned celebrities and their pets. This calendar of 2023 will be the physical manifestation of the deep bond between humans and animals which has been existing since the dawn of civilization. This effort is completely a non-profitable one and the fund raised by selling these calendars would be utilized to feed three hundred pets including dogs and cats every month. The sterilization of a hundred dogs and cats would also be undertaken by this fund yearly and a plan for pet cab come pet ambulance is also in place.

The owner of Columbus Digiplex, SukanyaRakhit Gupta and Rakesh Gupta have also come forward putting up with this generous effort and would oversee the production of this calendar until fruition. Without these two generous kind hearted person, the Pet Calendar would have been incomplete. Stalwarts of the Bengali Film Industry and popular personalitieslike Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Rupam Islam, Pallabi Chatterjee, Ananya Chatterjee, PiyaliMunsi, PrasunBannerjee,Kaninika Bandopadhyay, Debolina Dutta,Nikhil Jain, Rupanjana Mitra, Ena Saha, Sreelekha Mitra, Arijit Dutta, Poet Joy Goswamiand Director Shubhrajit Mitra are providing their unconditional support to this project even to the extent of levying their fees for the shoot. Renowned Industrialists like Abir Bannerjee, Abhijit Adhya, Abhaya Basu, Sebanti Ghosh, SomuMitra, Sanchayita Talukdar,Tanmoy Das (Mr India), Seyoti Talukdar, Krish Ghosh and many more famous personalities are also a part of this noble project. Arijit Dutta, who is also known among his close ones as ‘Dadul-da’ has given up the whole of Priya Cinema Hall as a venue for the calendar shoot. Mr. Pranab Chandra has also provided us, his royal mansion ‘Mukhorochak House’ as a venue for this calendar shoot and some exquisite designer wardrobe would be provided as costumes by RANGOLI & RANJH. Our designer saree partner is Darzee, with the blessing of Snehashis Bhattacharjee. Our clothing partner is Tassam & Style Mania.

Food partner Santa’s Fantasea. Snacks partner Mio Amore. Jewellery would be looked after by Soma Kundu of the renowned Sampurna Jewellery and Priyanka Bannerjee of Divya’s Jewellery. Our gift partners are Silksuta, Karushi boutique, Lalmati Prakashan, The Spirit of Nature,Papiya Das, Madhuri’s fashion etc… Paramita Munsi will be at the helm as the Concept Creator and Director while SukanyaRakshit Gupta will be the Creative Supervisor. Sudip Bhattacharya would act as the Creative Head while Rakesh Gupta would be the Production Designer.Sourav Mukherjee is the Director of Photography of the project.Sushanto Sarkar would be the Associate Director, Make up by Sona Beauty-therapist, Costume &Project Co-ordination by SukhlaHajra, Styling by AyanHore, Co-styling by DebrajMondal, Hair styling by Debi Bhattacharya while the Assistant Art Direction would be handled by Mithun Chakraborty.. SinjanBasu is going to take control of the edit while the Technical team would comprise of Mrinmoy Sarkar, Abhinaba Ray and Kunal Bannerjee. Our P Our beloved pet models would be Aam Dutta, Aati Dutta, Panda Bannerjee, Gigi Bannerjee, Goldie Bhattacharya, Pandit Bhattacharya, Coco Gupta,Jessica Munsi, Mota Machine Munsi, Gjar Munsi Bhattacharjee, Snap, Bruno Ghosh, Coco Ghosh and many more. If everything gets on in due course of time, the calendar would get published on 22rd December, 2022. We wish and hope to include Bollywood and Tollywood personalities alike for the future editions of this pet calendar. Wish us luck.

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