• Tanmoy Saadhak ft Sagar Jha

Anando Sangbad:Singer and rapper Tanmoy Saadhak is here with yet another groovy song featuring model-actor Sagar Jha. The song title – “PARTY with BHOLENAATH” is already garnering good amount of popularity amongst youngsters.
Tanmoy has composed and sung the song. The lyrics has been penned by Sayantan Chatterjee & Rohan Das.
Amber Jha has presented the song, Biswanath who have been assistant to Raj Chakraborty for couple of years has directed the music video. Biswanath has experimented the video with bolt action camera, which is an out of the block technical procedure in the shoot in Bengal.
Right Now, the video is trending on YouTube and is being shared by a lot of people. The times we are going through it seem this song really unwinds a lot of people and brings smile and fun. It has been shot with a micro unit and has ben done for pure entertainment.
Tanmoy Saadhok has previous hits like “Tangra”,”Thakish Jodi Pashe” etc and is a winner of hearts in local shows…
Tanmoy has attempted a very different genre of work that’s is definitely appreciated in Bengal but is not yet very popular. But the rising number of views definitely talks about the trend breaker that this song has proved to be compared to raps !
On the same lines we truly we are expecting to create more noise and make this popular…
So let’s Give this Rap a Read Without A MISS !!!!Here it goes
Uthbe dhoya, aj sukher taan e
Chokh hoye gele laal
Jure debo re bawal
Joto ache beshamal
Kore debo re Kamal
Dekhbe sobai, aaj banchar maane..

Choli je rajar moto
Hathi ghora ache joto
Sob e rakhi control e
Tor e hath e debo tule

Chand ene dite pari
Joto ache daami gari
Hammer to lamborghini
Chele ami khandani

Faka awaj ami marte to Janina
Badha nishedh ami kichui to manina
Jetar neshai ami jite jai roj tai
Kono baaji harina

Tor hate hat rekhe ami rograbo mal
Mayabi dhoyar bose holo chokh lal
Chilimer bhaje bhaje bere chole dhumki
Hese e urie di beporoa humki

Dom mere jabo ure
That bat jabe bere
Ek taan dui taan
Neshar parod chore

Bom bhole sathe thake
Duniya pocket e rakhe
Raja theke badshara
Selam kore amake


Joy baba joy baba bholenath
Tomar e chorone jor korchi haat
Tomate e bhokti tomate e
Tomar e ishara bodlai dinraat

Ki kore bojhai probhu tomake je chai
Ami charipash ghure dik khuje nahi pai
Tobu tomar e choron e dio amare je thai
Tomar kripa chara probhu ar kono goti nai

Dom ache ei bandar kolijay
Kaaj hobe na kono mitther bhonitay
Bhanga gorar khela khele jai duniyar
Poroa kori na

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