Ogo Nirupama: A classic tale of discovering the true meaning of beauty and finding love

Anando Sangbad Live :The eternal conflict between the outer and inner beauty of a person, the true definition of beauty as defined by the society, is a topic that has been debated upon for ages.

Building on this theme, Star Jalsha presents Ogo Nirupama – an unconventional romantic drama about a couple who are contrasting in their character and views towards life. Nirupama, the protagonist of the story, is an optimist at heart, who doesn’t run after unattainable beauty standards defined by the society. Hardworking and resourceful, Nirupama believes in her competency to determine her worth.

Abir , on the other hand , a quintessentially ‘handsome’ man, is unaware of his own talent and worth, which allows his stepmother to exploit him for monetary purposes.

However , both Nirupama and Abir share some common values: Nirupama loves her siblings and discontinues her studies to financially support her family. Abir prioritises his stepmother and siblings as well, even though he is the heir to the family business.

Poles apart in their beliefs and appearance, yet similar in nature, will Abir and Nirupama find love in each other?

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, the channel spokesperson said, “Whereas women are successfully challenging social norms and breaking barriers, as a society the true definition of beauty has been often debated upon and a woman is often judged for her outwardly appearance . We sincerely hope the perception around beauty and its role in finding true love will evolve for the Bengali viewers as they join Nirupama in her journey.”

Produced by Acropolis Entertainment Private Limited, Ogo Nirupama will make its way into the hearts of the viewers on 5th of October, 5.30 pm. It will air from Monday- Sunday, only on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.

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