NPC Bengal and Bengal Physique Alliance presents – The NPC Bengal Championship 2022

Kolkata, 21st March 2022: Pijush Sarkar, NPC Bengal State Head and President of Bengal Physique Alliance curates the announcement for the first ever NPC Bengal Championship to be held on 21st March, 2022 at the Mozaik BBQ Grill at Avenue Hotel. NPC Bengal (National Physique Committee) will host the first ever ‘Mr/Ms NPC Bengal’. This in turn will be the basis of the national selection for Mr.India where the champion will represent Bengal. The Championship will be held at Aquatica Kolkata on 27th March,2022.

The star-studded list of chief guests include Hemant Angrish, Head of NPC India, Iban Banerjea of Anytime Fitness, Gagan Sachdev, Director of Bodyline Sports, with respected dignitaries like Mr. Chand Mondal and Ms. Soumita Dutta – silver medalists in classic physique and women’s bikini respectively in Amateur Olympia 2021, along with their coaches. The winners will receive a cash prize of Rs. 3 lakhs+, and to keep the competition fair, jury members in this contest will be representatives from other states. BodyLine Fitness will also select a brand ambassador from the competition. A nutritional supplement will also be launched at the event. Along with promoting the growth of athletes from the state but there will be significant investors who will pave the way of sponsorships for deserving candidates.

Bodybuilding, once considered a niche, is now enjoying mainstream success due to increased awareness, proliferation of fitness centres and related available online content. Forming a human body cannot only be perceived in the physical realms. To reach this state, one must do things that require mental, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual development. NPC Bengal has endeavoured to provide a platform for this magnificent fusion of art and science with a vision to promote health and fitness and to show how much more control one can have over the human body and its potential than its limits.

“We have kept the rewards high,” says Pijush Sarkar, “to promote the competition in the Bengal market. Earlier, people from this state had to go to other states to compete in shows like these. But we won 2 silver medals last year in the Amateur Olympia that changed the perception of people and now both Chand and Soumita are brand ambassadors of this event, which is a huge plus for this competition and the competitors alike.”

“Both Chand and Soumita will be felicitated in the event. They will also be present in our press conference,” continued Pijush, “Since this competition is the selection event for Mr. India from West Bengal, we want nothing but the best – both in terms of the competition and the judges”.

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