Netwood, an indigenous OTT platform, all set to be the game changer

Anando Sangbad Live :Netwood, an OTT platform developed by a young IT and Software entrepreneur Indrajeet Choudhury from Bengal, touches a landmark today as the winners of Netwood Stars Hunt Season 1 – Phase 1 – Online category will be getting contracts with Netwood directly selected from thousands of entrants,

In a Press statement, Indrajeet Choudhury, Chief Technical Officer, Netwood said, “I began my journey in 2008 as freelance software developer making websites, UI designs, accounting software, shopping portals and so much more and I kept dreaming big and was able to meet an investor who helped “turn dreams into reality”. He told me to build my own team, and to work on a few assignments that his known people had. He wanted to monitor guiding me every step of the way to start this start-up venture and to make it what it is today. He promised us today, November 2020, he will join us officially. That is when I will finally get to reveal his name! This is a very emotional moment for me.

The journey from 2013 till 2019 from the formation of Netwood Entertainment Industry Pvt Ltd, we reached to more than 3.5 lakh dedicated viewers and followers across digital media platforms who’re from West Bengal, Orissa, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Within December 2020, we will start marketing our OTT across the entire country. We have a target of reaching at least 10 lakh followers and viewers.

Despite the pandemic COVID 19 we expect by 2021, March, we will start promoting internationally with our Venture Capital funding in place, and by April of 2022 we expect Soft Bank funding will also start taking shape. The stage is set. It’s time to perform and show the world who we are.

Personally it is a milestone for many like me just like the thousands of people we have got a handful who have been selected to turn their dreams into reality with the platform of Netwood. The winners of Netwood Stars Hunt Season 1 – Phase 1 – Online category will be getting contracts with Netwood directly.”

He signed off, “This is just the beginning. Netwood family is all set to grow bigger and better with every single day! “

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